Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Burger joints are a dime-a-dozen. You’ll find burgers in roadside caféterias, fast-food joints, in slightly higher-end American restaurants and then…you have places that dedicate themselves to being experts in burgers. Who knew?

I’d never been to Gourmet Burger Kitchen until last month. We ordered a platter of onion rings, chicken drumsticks and cheese sticks with the dips as a starter. Then we went on to two chicken burgers – one grilled and one fried – and a veggie Portobello burger. Personally, I didn’t like the veggie burger (no, I’m not biased! Please refer to my all veg post a while ago!) but the person eating it did, so who knows? Mushrooms can be an acquired taste. The chicken ones were pretty good, although I sometimes question paying a lot of money for…well…a burger!

And then…we ordered desserts. Now THOSE were fantastic. I don’t think I’ll say anything about them…the pictures speak for themselves.

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