Foul Moudammes of my dreams at Nathalie’s

Foul moudammes Nathalie's

Say hello to the foul moudammes of my dreams.

I’ve never really liked foul. When it was served as part of the brunch at Nathalie’s, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it, but then I took a first bite of the fava bean and chickpea dish scooped in pita bread, and I was hooked. Topped with fresh parsley, the foul was excellent. Since my visit, I have tried foul dishes in various places but none have enchanted me the way this one did. Where do you get your foul fix btw? Let me know; I’d love to try it!

Cinnamon peach iced tea Nathalie's

But this was the second star of that afternoon: the cinnamon peach iced tea. Peach iced tea is great on its own, but with a stick of cinnamon infused into it, there’s a lovely punch to it. I think I had two glasses, and could have happily had more.

Eggs are also on the menu, and can be prepared in a variety of delicious ways, including omelettes or poached eggs on top of an English muffin with spinach and salmon.

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The owner of the café, Nathalie Haddad, is a nutritionist and employs a healthy outlook to the menu, with ingredients sourced locally. Apart from the breakfast/brunch menu, there are options for lunch and dinner, which undergoes a weekly rotation.

Check out some more photos from the venue… I thought the outdoor seating with the rocking chairs was cute and quirky.

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I’m quite happy with the food there, but you know what’s going to make me drive one hour to Abu Dhabi from Dubai? You guessed it: the foul moudammes and the cinnamon peach iced tea. It’s worth it.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Nathalie’s on this occasion.

Practical tips: Fill up on petrol if you’re driving from Dubai. Seriously, that’s it.

Visit Nathalie’s official website.


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