Food blogger in the UAE?

Are you a passionate foodie? Do you love food so much you find the need to dedicate reams – okay, not reams, but pages and pages and kilobytes and kilobytes of internet thingamajiggies to writing about food? Whether it’s food you’ve hungrily devoured at restaurants or that which you’ve whipped up at home… we want to hear from you.

All you have to do is find us on Facebook at FooderatiArabia (FiA), and send a request to join our group of like-minded food lovers.

But be warned! Once you enter, you’ll enter a world of food-mad bloggers, click-crazy photographers and very, very passionate people. We love our food, but we love our sense of community more. It’s not just about food, but you knowing that you’re not alone. Blogging in a food community…trust me, it’s even more fun than talking to yourself on the interwebs.

Go on then…click here to enter the magical and sometimes insane world of the UAE food bloggers… You know you want to… Okay, okay…if you want to stalk us a bit more, look to your right at the listing of all the UAE food blogs we know of, till date, and catch up on what we’ve been blogging about lately. Then…join our group. Seriously, you know you want to.

For a complete list of all the UAE food blogs we know of till date, click here.

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