Betty’s: A York institution



When I told my foodie-friend that I was going to York she gasped and said I absolutely had to go to Betty’s. I, obviously, had no idea what she was talking about and it seemed I had committed sacrilege by my ignorance. Betty’s, she told me, was a fantastic café tea room in York that had the “best food ever”.

After going there, I agree!

Situated on the corner of a street, you may not even notice it until you see a queue of people snaked outside the main entrance. I had to wait for about 10 minutes before I got a table (and I was lucky; towards the evening, the line had extended beyond the corner it was situated on). I ordered the Frittata Rossa, which, according to the menu is “an Italian omelette made with roast red peppers, sundried tomatoes, fresh chives & Parmesan cheese”. Then I tasted it and went to omelette heaven.

After eating it as slowly as I possibly could, I went to the bakery section of Betty’s and promptly picked out an eclair which I gobbled while sitting out in the square with cobbled pavements winking at me in the sun’s glare. As for the eclair, it was so creamy. And so melt-in-your-mouth and just so…wow.

I’d go back to York just to eat there again.


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