Ruby Tuesday


The first time I went to this restaurant was about 2 months ago.

Their starter plate was quite good, although the buffalo wings were dripping in sauce more than necessary. On the topic of buffalo wings, I have a story to share:

Friend: Oh I won’t eat the buffalo wings. You have them.
Me: Oh? Why not? You eat chicken, don’t you?
Friend: Yeah I eat chicken. Not buffaloes.
Me: *confuzzled* I’m sorry, what?
Friend: You know…BUFFALO wings?
Me: *waits for enlightenment to hit her friend*
Friend: *light slowly dawns* You mean…buffalo wings are not made from buffaloes?
Me: *That’s it, you’re getting there!*
Friend: Oh yaaaaa, I’d always wondered because buffaloes don’t have wings!

Anyway, moving on.

The burgers were pretty good, although word of warning to vegetarians: the veg burger we had there wasn’t very good. It was too sweet and my friend who was eating it couldn’t finish more then half because of its intense sweetness. Might want to think of ordering another veg option from the menu.

All in all though, decent meal.

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