Sheffield Food Festival 2010

I’d gone to the Peace Gardens over the weekend for the Sheffield Food Festival which took place between 1st to 6th June 2010. Their official website gives you an idea of the varied and interesting events that occurred over the course of the festival.

When I went to the city centre, I observed a bustling market with fruits, vegetables, Indian spices, pies, pancakes, ice-creams and so much more. Any foodie would have had their mouth watering! Apart from the fresh food stalls, there were stalls from a few restaurants in Sheffield set up as well. The Italian market was set up throughout the main shopping area called Fargate, which has breads, pickles, cheeses and all kinds of Italian foodstuff. The atmosphere was charged, with the people of Sheffield taking advantage of a bright sunny day.

I sampled the Ferrero Rocher ice-cream, my friend had the mango and passionfruit ice-cream and then I topped it off with a mango lassi. I honestly wish I hadn’t eaten something before going there as there was so much more I would have had.

Sheffield Food Festival, I love you. I will return next year.

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