Thyme and Thyme again




As I mentioned in a previous review on the blog, I wanted to go back to Thyme Café!

This time, fellow food-blogger, Khadijah Rawat, and I trekked to this little café in Broomhill, Sheffield as I had promised her a fantastic lunch. We went al fresco because of the beautiful weather and started our ordering spree.

The starter was, as usual, their uber-fresh bread and dips. For our main courses, we dabbled in sea-food today. I decided to have a fish and chips and she had the crab cakes. Both were pronounced as being delicious! For dessert, we went for the same thing: Crème brûlée. Now I have a confession to make: I’d never had this dessert before! But after sampling what I did at Thyme Café, my initiation into the Crème brûlée Lovers Society was a success!

I must add though, eating at Thyme Café is not too expensive. For the starter dish, two main courses, two desserts and drinks, it came up to £43.50, which is pretty good for two.

Until the next thyme…


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