Del’ Aziz

When I was in London, my friend and I picked a restaurant at random for lunch, which turned out to be the Middle-Eastern themed Del’ Aziz. A menu that showcased mouth-watering descriptions of Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean food, we were spoiled for choice.

The decór was quite pleasing to the eye (but that’s probably because I’m biased towards pinks and purples) and I loved the tableware that the food was served in, which added to the Middle Eastern theme of the restaurant.

I had the Persian Chicken Shish Greek pocket pita, stuffed with minted yoghurt, pickled cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce, with chips as the side. My friend had the Persian Chicken Shish stand-alone. The meat was tender and juicy and the meals were filling and I was quite happy.

Our server was very friendly and gave us good suggestions when we were stumped over choices. She chose our dessert (a chocolate and fruit cake), telling us it was soft and moist and absolutely lip-smacking.

And it was.

Definitely a restaurant I’d go back to.

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