Bombay chaat!




There is a restaurant in Bombay called Swati, and I do declare they serve some of the best chaat I’ve ever had.

I realize this is a heavy recommendation, but then again, I wouldn’t say it unless I completely stood by it, and I do! Those who know me well know I shy away from vegetarian restaurants, but this one? This one I’d go to in a hearbeat.

Anyway, on with the food. Here’s what I had: paanki, ganne ka juice (sugarcane juice), dahi batata puri (my favourite chaat food item…yum!) and vada pav. I also tasted the dahi vada my dad ordered.

My verdict: Loved it all, loved it, loved it, loved it! Their food is always very fresh – when you bite through their dahi batata puris, you’ll see what I mean.

It’s terribly popular, so it gets crowded after noon, even on weekdays. So popular, in fact, that around half past noon or 1pm, you will see a line forming outside the restaurant of hungry-for-chaat Bombay-wallahs.

Always on my go-to list when I’m in Bombay!


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