My new favourite place – @DrinkShopDo

I discovered a café after my own heart – Drink, Shop & Do.

A café/bar/design shop that has vintage items and quirky kitsch, it stole my heart a few seconds after I stepped in. I ordered a chocolate brownie and a hot chocolate (yup, chocolate overdose!) and my friends ordered a lemon drizzle, a chocolate brownie and a latte. All of our plates were different, the drinks served in vintage-looking china, and the tables and chairs and lounging sofas were equally mismatched: it was brilliant! Plus the brownie was delicious!

Another odd but amazing thing about it: everything is for sale. Even the tea sets, the tables and chairs, the food…everything! My friend rather liked the hand-crafted owls staring at us from the wall opposite to where we were sitting. I loved the wall hangings!

That’s the drinking and shopping covered. What about the doing? They have craft events scheduled for every day and you can see them by just looking at the blackboard at the venue.

Converted from an Old Victorian bathhouse, it’s conveniently situated just a few minutes away from Kings Cross St Pancras and as I mentioned, is my new favourite place to be. Plus, the people there are super-friendly. You cannot go wrong by going here!

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