Raavi in London


Imagine my surprise when I chanced upon a small restaurant in London near Euston called Raavi Kebab Halaal Tandoori Restaurant. Used to Dubai’s very own Ravi’s in Satwa, I walked in with a critical mindset (I love Ravi’s in Dubai to bits!).

And now I love the Raavi’s in London to bits as well.

Their meat is succulent and extraordinarily tender – we were marvelling at how they managed to get it right! We’ve mostly had lamb dishes there – lamb quorma, balti ghosht and their meat thali – but have tasted one chicken dish in their meat thali as well. I do love chicken but for an exemplary night out, I’d suggest you go for their lamb offerings; sumptuous!

It’s a family-run restaurant from what I can tell so it’s personal, cozy and makes you miss home food all the more. Plus, it’s affordable…what more can you ask for?

FYI: we order in Hindi, just because we can.

Edit: Hopefully people will realize that this restaurant has nothing to do with the Ravi restaurant in Dubai. They just happen to have the same name.

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