Indigo Deli

An American-cuisine café in Bombay – Indigo Deli – is a slightly upscale place, so make sure you have the rupees to blow before walking in. The ambience of the restaurant is quite interesting – woody seating and dim lighting. Plus, there’s a ceiling-to-floor shelved wall full of alcohol bottles. Looks very dramatic in my opinion.

The food portions were quite good and the BBQ chicken burger I had was smackingly delicious. Their fresh bread and dessert section was lovely, and we ordered that chocolate molten cake as well as fresh cookies. Remember, they actually bake their cookies once you order them, so order at least 20-30 minutes before you plan to have them and they come piping hot to your table.

We did have a bit of a problem with the staff. They brought us cookies which we did not order, ie with raisins in them, and when we asked them to change those, they flatly refused saying the raisins were…not raisins.

Apart from that little glitch, it’s a good place to go, although I would advise you to fatten that wallet up.

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