Good ol’ Yorkshire food

I’ve made a lot of friends while at university in the UK, and one of the closest friends I’ve made here, Charlotte is a closet foodie. She’s responsible for taking me on amazing gastronomic tours in Yorkshire and this is one of those times.


We went to the main town of Huddersfield, where she took me to Gerry’s at Neaverson’s. It’s a vintage tea room, with the walls playing host to vintage tea sets and crockery. We had brunch, with scrambled eggs and toast, and a Yorkshire roast sandwich. Then we decided to indulge in dessert – Victoria sponge cake and the chocolate cake. Both were fresh, soft and had that proper balance between being moist and dry. The atmosphere was amazing, and the people ever-so-helpful. Definitely a foodie highlight if you’re in the area.






Then we drove to Holmfirth, a small village in the Huddersfield region. Here I was whisked off to an ice-cream parlour, Longley’s. I was told it’s been refurbished and is bigger than it used to be. I decided to have their scones, with cream and jam…and oh, I was in scones heaven! There’s always something enticing and yummy about freshly baked scones, isn’t there? One of those family friendly zones where anyone and everyone can find something to their taste.



Yorkshire is a treasure trove of food, if you only know where to look. And when one has foodie guides such as my friend Charlotte, you’re guaranteed a lickalicious time. Here’s to my next Yorkshire outing!


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