South Indian food? Always Venus.


I know my food philosophy is very non-vegetarian but here’s the thing, I actually do eat vegetarian food. But particular kinds. For example, put a plate of medhu vadas and onion uttapams in front of me and I’ll devour the plates clean.

But where to get the good stuff? I unequivocally pitch for Venus restaurant in Karama.

I have never, ever, tasted such crispy and fresh vadas anywhere else. When compared to the fare I get at Venus, everything pales. I normally have idlis or an uttapam as well, but this time decided to mix it up with a masala dosa. I think I’m more of a plain dosa person, although I did enjoy mixing the crisp dosa with the piping hot and slightly spicy potato bhaji inside.

Plus, I know loads of people prefer eating these kinds of food with the lovely sambhar, but I suggest giving the white chutney a go as well. I do love my vadas with the white chutney.

So…for South Indian food? Venus. Always.


2 thoughts on “South Indian food? Always Venus.

  1. Hey, you have a cool website here.My wife is crazy about Venus sambar and I have been trying to reproduce it with no success (though I like my Wada with thick white chutney too). I was wondering if you could help me with Venus sambar recipe?ThanksSatish

  2. Hi Satish – thanks for stopping by. I’ve actually no idea how to make the sambhar…I just go eat! Sorry and hope you manage to figure it out.

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