Rapid fire with Chef Vineet Bhatia

Before the lovely Taste of Dubai 2011 festival, the participating chefs were generous enough to answer a round of quick questions for their foodie fans. Here we have Chef Vineet Bhatia’s answers, with whom I even managed to have a one-on-one personal chat on other matters later. That riveting account will be online soon! Till then, a taste (pun intended) of his natural and honest style on all things food:


Photograph taken at Taste of Dubai 2011

What was the last thing you ate?
Chicken masala, potato with fenugreek leaves, lentils and paratha

What would you most like to have for dinner tonight?
Not sure as I will be in flight

What is your favorite place to eat outdoors in Dubai?
The Arabic restaurant at Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa Dubai, Al Khaimah

What’s your favorite local dish?
Arabic mezze with local bread

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever cooked?
Jumbo morels with bitter chocolate and coconut

In 10 words, how do you see the Dubai restaurant scene in 5 years?
Dubai is on a cusp of a culinary boom!! 

Hot curry or haute cuisine?
Haute cuisine any day

What type of food do you dream about eating?
Anything light, fragrant and interesting

What’s your worst culinary nightmare?
Oil-laden spicy and greasy food

Rice or Mash?
Aromatic basmati rice, pipping hot with a dollop of salted butter

What’s your best tip for a novice chef?
Try not to over do a dish, keep it simple but get good product

What’s your favorite kitchen gadget?
Mortar and pestle, to freshly grind my spices

Which chef would you most like to swap places with?
None, am very happy doing my own stuff

Who is your favorite food critic?
All those who have been kind to me, too many to name

What makes you sick?
Egoistic and racist people


FooDee readers, keep your eyes peeled for more Taste of Dubai posts, coming up over the next few days!

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