The Gujju snack that is khandvi


That image up there…is a plateful of khandvi. How do you get that?

Honestly? I have no idea. Yes, I watched my Mom make it while I snapped away, but I’m terrible when it comes to remembering what she actually did. I need to write recipes down step-for-step before being able to re-create them on my own.

So what is khandvi? It’s a Gujarati snack, mostly had at breakfast or tea-time. They look pretty cute and simple, but woe betide if you can’t roll the khandvi expertly. You’ll end up with lumpy little blobs. My Mom isn’t Gujarati, but married into a Gujju family (love, love, LOVE the mixed heritage I have) and my Dadi (her mother-in-law) taught her how to make this. My Mom being quite the chef extraordinnaire whips up…sorry, rolls up, a superb plate of khandvi.

First she mixed…

And there’s a step I did not show, which requires cooking the mixture on the gas!

Then she spread…

Then she rolled…

Then she arranged… but it’s not done yet!

Then she added the final, but important elements…

AND HUZZAH! We have khandvi!

2 thoughts on “The Gujju snack that is khandvi

  1. CompleteFoodie March 22, 2011 — 09:28

    Wow, I have to say that is the first time I have seen that being prepared from scratch! Looks stunning and a serious amount of work! I’m sure it tastes delicious too! Good to know that its called khandvi.. I used to just point and say… ‘Woh’ everytime I went into a shop 😛 Nice pics!

  2. Devina Divecha March 22, 2011 — 10:58

    Thanks @CompleteFoodie! Mom says it’s pretty simple to make once you know how. And it’s one of the few Gujju foods I like!

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