Cheese Trek (Atlantis Food Blogger Safari Part 3)


<William Shatner/James Kirk voice> France: the final frontier. This is the voyage of FooDee. Her never-ending mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new cheese and new cheesecake, to boldly go where no foodie has gone before. </William Shatner/James Kirk voice>

After some beef, and yet more beef, we’re off to a completely different environment: Rostang – the French Brasserie [2017 EDIT: this restaurant is now closed; in its place is Gordon Ramsay’s concept Bread Street Kitchen & Bar].

Here’s what you see when you enter the restaurant: fresh croissants, breads and more.




Led past the attractive and inviting front, I notice the nod towards it also being a place to get wine. I love quotes, and these made me smile, I’ll be honest.


Say hello to the sommelier.


There was french onion soup too, and I’m sure it was good (Food bloggers, please tell me what you thought of it!) but I was saving myself for the cheese and desserts.


Oysters from Brittany featured. I’m not a seafood person, but those who were seemed to like it.


By now, you’d know (if you’ve been reading my posts), that those lovely fingers are Yasmin‘s

And then some foie gras (didn’t have any either)



The cheese that we tried and I’d want to try again and again, was Tête de Moine. It was impossibly creamy, and I had far more helpings of it than I should have had. I was told it’s a Swiss cheese, known in English as Monk’s Head because it was initially produced by monks.




Surely I should have been full by now. My stomach protested a teensy bit, like Bones telling Kirk he’s not a magician, but I didn’t listen. The dessert counter, wheeeee!


Chocolate mousse! Cheesecake! Other-cakes-that-I-forgot-to-list-while-I-scarfed-them-down! The last 2 images show the wave of destruction we caused. Hungry food bloggers = empty plates.



Wine tasting was next. I was driving, so I just hovered around, taking photographs as others swished and swirled and sniffed and sipped. I hadn’t noted what wines were served, so I asked Sally for input on that.



The wines served, she said, were:

A Vin de Pays D’Oc sauvignon blanc, and Chateau Croix Mouton – a Bordeaux superior.

Sally obligingly posed for a couple of photographs, and told me the latter wine was very good.


The end of the tasting marked the end of our time in Rostang’s


And when we walked out, we see all the Famished in Arabia crew huddle around the patisserie. I wonder…do we have place for more food?


YES! One more stop, next post, new country. Beam me up Scotty.

PS – Anyone wants to shiver ’em timbers with Shatner’s awesome voice, go here.


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