My NYE with banoffee pie


People often plan what they’re going to do for New Year’s Eve. Many often tell me about awesome concerts, cool parties and in Dubai, they also tell me about being stuck in traffic (yes on NYE).


I’ve never done any of these things on the 365th (or 366th) day of any year. Most of them I spend at home with my family. Earlier it used to be because they wanted me to be at home (reason given was that I was too young), and now I stay out of choice.


It was odd – last year I was in London at this time. Know what I chose to do? Both my flatmates were off on holiday…and I sat in my pajamas, switched my heater on and watched a movie and listened to drunk people screaming down my central London street.


This year I wanted to go for a tweetup at Bu Qtair but decided against it at the last minute – it was the thought of being stuck in traffic that dissuaded me.


My Mom decided to make banoffee pie. She was in India in December and was at an uncle’s house for dinner, who is quite an awesome cook. He made banoffee pie and gave her the recipe.


She made it on NYE and we ate it quite happily. Hope you enjoy making it and munching it too! Have a FooDee-licious year ahead 🙂

Mom’s NYE Banoffee Pie:


  • 1 tin condensed milk
  • 8 digestive biscuits
  • Softened butter or margarine
  • 2 bananas
  • Cream (Dream Whip) 1 sachet [Can also use Nestlé Cream or fresh cream sweetened with sugar and whisked]
  • Milk (amount according to cream prep)
  • Chocolate powder for dusting or sprinkles 


  • Take tin of condensed milk and put it in a pressure cooker (make sure you fill enough water in the cooker). Cook it for 15-20 whistles. The milk has now become toffee.
  • In a baking tin/serving dish, crumble the digestive biscuits and mix the softened butter into those crumbs and make a base by patting it down tight.
  • After the tin is cooled, open up the cooker and take out the toffee.
  • Spread this over the biscuit base.
  • Cut the bananas and arrange on top of the toffee.
  • Make the whipped cream and apply on top.
  • Stick this in the refridgerator to cool.
  • Once it’s cold enough, dust chocolate powder or sprinkles on top. Serve cold.

21 thoughts on “My NYE with banoffee pie

  1. LaMereCulinaire January 1, 2012 — 16:46

    Devina this looks delicious!

  2. Devina Divecha January 2, 2012 — 07:16

    Thank you @LaMereCulinaire 🙂 I’d never had banoffee pie before, so it was a first 🙂 Tasted really good as well, much to my surprise (I generally don’t eat a lot of toffee).

  3. Banoffee pies are such a hit in the Philippines! A dollop of whipped cream over bananas drizzled with toffee / caramel on a graham cracker crust. I guess we Filipinos do love our bananas that much that’s why it’s such a hit! I think your mom’s use of digestive cookies as the crust is an interesting twist to it 🙂

  4. oh my yummy! this is an easy take on banoffee pie.

  5. Devina Divecha January 5, 2012 — 09:24

    Hey @didipaterno 🙂 Ooooh I see banoffee pies seem to be popular across many countries! Will pass on your comment to my Mom :)@mynappytales yup it’s quite easy…I think even I can make it myself, which is REALLY saying something (about how simple it is hehe).

  6. Weeeeee! and I love digestive cookies. Makes me want to buy a box right now!

  7. That pie looks so delicious, your articles are very interesting to me and I often come to see the nice pictures you took of the foods. I am also like to eating out and trying something new particualry on the matter of finding new flavor! – from S.Korea-

  8. i never had banoffee pie before and this looks delicious..using digestive biscuits in it was real surprise for me

  9. Lately I am having extreme sugar craving and visiting your post about Banoffee pie isn’t helping at all. I think I would love a big bowl ful of that pie please.

  10. Thanks Aram! Your comment is much appreciated. It’s always nice to hear people like to read what I’m putting out here. I checked out your blog and I wish I could read everything…for some reason the translate tool isn’t working right now. But will try again! Do stop by again 🙂

  11. Thanks for having a look, Sukanya. I’ve no idea what the traditional way to make banoffee pie is; guessing Digestive biscuits isn’t it? ;)Anita – Hahaha go on, have some sugar. You KNOW you want to!!! *sends across banoffee pie love*

  12. Now envy is at a different level when you have such yumsome dish on NY eve, isn’t it? I like the way you said “…the milk has now become toffee” hehe. Seems like an easy procedure. How’s it in pracitice? Can I use Oreo instead of Digestive bisuits and still get the same flavour? 😉

  13. Hey Saurabh…haha yeah, it felt like magic. Milk becomes toffee! I watched as my Mom made it and it seemed simple enough that even I could try my hand at it and not mess up. If you do try this recipe and make it with Oreo biscuits, let me know how it tastes 😛

  14. Vidhya Viju Govind January 16, 2012 — 15:17

    Milk becoming toffee – am yet to gather guts to do it in the pressure cooker 🙂 this is indeed a lovely pie , i made it recently too:)

  15. Hey there…alltime lurker first time commenter =) This pie lured me in. Just yest my lil sis called me from india to ask me what i thought abt banoffee pie ! LOL. STUPID CRAZY i know. we re a leeeeeeeeetle bit fanatical abt our sweets around here. anyhooo.. i think the oreo crust suggestion up there would totally taste nice. i remember havng my fist banoffee pie in a restaurant in bangalore and they used to have a layer of chocolate on the digestive base and then toffee bananas and whipped cream. oh joy. It was the most wonderful mouth orgasm and i dont even like bananas. so go figure. =)

  16. Vidhya – I’m going to sound super-ignorant, but is there another way of making toffee?

  17. Ninu – I have a blog-lurker! Love it haha. Being fanatical about sweets is an excellent thing; most encouraged. THIS was my first banoffee pie, so I’m definitely going to try it out if I see it on a menu anywhere. Layer of chocolate eh…that’s another thing to experiment with then.Thanks for commenting…make it a habit, yeah? 🙂

  18. Vidhya Viju Govind January 17, 2012 — 12:31

    have a look at this – read somewhere they make it in the oven too…………….i conveniently picked a bottle of caramel off the shelf 🙂 ………i shall be around ……………hugs !

  19. I LOVE you attention to detail with the 365 (or 366) days thing! I’ve never had banoffee pie but it looks delicious! Also you are so smart for staying home on NYE. 🙂

  20. Vidhya – haha yeah picking up a can seems easier. And wow, four hours to make that. Intense.

  21. Sheryn – Hehe thanks. The world seems divided into people who like banoffee pie or those who’ve never tried it. No one who has tried it and not like it? Must find!Smart? More like lazy 😉

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