A frankie-turned-kathi-roll challenge…how could I refuse?


I wanted to check out a frankie place in Dubai to blog about (post on that coming soon). When I mentioned it to Vineet ‘Potson’ Pabreja, he scoffed. Oh, how much this man can scoff. He started waxing eloquent about this place in Bur Dubai which has the best rolls “EVAAAAAR”.

So off we went one day to lend some truth to his claim. The journey there was exciting: he claims I drove like a maniac (I did not) and then said he wasn’t sure how good the rolls were (See? How can I trust such a bipolar person?). 

And so it was, on a sunny Friday afternoon, I found myself in front of Shiraz. Potson is prone to lists, so he had a little guide on what we should order. Early birds us, we were the first to enter the restaurant and snagged a window booth – which meant more light for my camera woohoo!


Settling in with a sweet lime soda, we went about picking what we’d stuff ourselves with.


First up was the chicken tikka kabab plate. Succulent, hot and juicy. Perfectly average and right. 


I’m very unsure, looking back at the pictures, why I was eating chicken tikka kababs with a fork. Even though I’m perfectly useless with eating rice with my hand, I’m of the opinion that most foods taste better when you get down and dirty with it!


Ordering the kathi rolls was one of the hardest things I had to do. I mean, just in the egg and chicken category were these choices: single egg, single chicken; single egg, double chicken; double egg, single chicken; and, double egg, double chicken. I felt like tearing my hair out. WHICH ONE DID I WANT?! What’s more important: the chicken or the egg? After many mental ruminations and imaginary hair pulling, and the wish to be able to taste all those types to pick my favourite, I went for the single egg, double chicken.


COME TO ME… Be still my Chicketarian heart!!! Kathi rolls are essentially very common in Kolkata (Calcutta) and has grown in popularity the world over. So chicken, eggs and onions rolled up inside a nice paratha roll, made that much tastier by whatever outta-this-world marinade used. I want to eat these again. I will seriously travel all the way to Bur Dubai (hey I live far away okay!) to have this again.


Then the chicken biryani and mutton chaap arrived together. I loved the mound of yellow-white rice peeking over the rim saying: “Eat me now. Like, now.”


So when we were served the biryani, I probably amused the waiter no end by clicking away. He was probably thinking: “You want to take pictures of me moving rice from one vessel to one plate? Seriously? Erm, okay. Let me do this fast and run away from crazed clicking monsters.”


At the end of it, biryani with some raita was heaped on our plates. This was good but didn’t make me want to marry it (yes some foods I feel that much intense love for). It was very light, which I appreciated. Left more space for the next item on the menu!


The mutton chaap was a winner, like the kathi roll. A traditional Bengali dish, juicy, tender bits of meat swimming in its own oily gravy…fireworks in your mouth when you do bite into it. I mixed a bit of it with the chicken biryani and decided it tastes equally good with something (like rice, or I imagine naan) and stand-alone (yeah I did). A very rich dish, I expected it to be spicy as well, but it wasn’t. But then again, my level of spice tolerance is very high; I’ve often found what isn’t anywhere close to spicy for me leaves others gasping and lunging for cold water.


I do believe by the end of the meal, Potson and myself were stuffed. I think I left one lonely little piece of mutton staring at me as it floated in gravy, almost as if admonishing me as to why I didn’t eat it up. I’m sorry mutton, I did love you so. I shall return.

FooDee Ordered:

1 single egg double chicken Dhs 19
1 murgh tikka kabab Dhs 25
1 murgh biryani Dhs 22
1 mutton chaap Dhs 25
1 lime soda sweet Dhs 10
TOTAL Dhs 101 (less Dhs 20.20 using the Gulf News Good Living voucher for 20% off) = Dhs 80.80 


Parking tips: Don’t forget to put a parking ticket if you’re going on any day other than Friday! Best to use your mobile for this though – you get a reminder before the ticket expires. Last thing you want is to suddenly remember halfway through your kathi roll that you need to run like a maniac to your car, hoping against hope you didn’t get a fine.

19 thoughts on “A frankie-turned-kathi-roll challenge…how could I refuse?

  1. You Must take a Bong with you at every Shiraz visit. WInk, wink, nudge, nudge 🙂

  2. Haha Mishti – I’ve also been tipped off about another kathi roll place. Want to join on that one? 🙂 Have you been to Shiraz before btw?

  3. I Live in a Frying Pan February 26, 2012 — 13:31

    a ha! THIS is why Potson asked me for my shiraz review! I’m glad you guys did the chicken kathi rolls and chaap,wish y’all had tried mutton reyzala!

  4. I Live in a Frying Pan – Yup, as you probably know, Potson is an incurable list maniac. He wanted to arrive armed with recommended items. Thanks to your review, he knew exactly what to order before we got there 🙂 I reallllyyyy loved the kathi rolls…I fear I’m now addicted.Mutton reyzala for the next time then, coz I think I will be going back.

  5. Really enticing post. And thanks for mentioning that you used the GN coupon. I never manage to use that ANYTIME. I’m gonna be armed this time.

  6. What is a frankie? Those things look yum! Pls drag me along on your next trip too 🙂

  7. Sounds (and looks!) like a great place to eat, might drop by just to use those GN vouchers.

  8. Tasmeea and zmehnaz – Shiraz is great! Thanks for dropping by and posting…and yes, definitely use the GN vouchers. I used it for the first time since getting the book. I reallly must use them more often!

  9. Didi – Frankies are essentially Indian rolls. Instead of stuffing whole kababs etc, they make rolls with paratha bread and stuff it with whatever – chicken, veggies, cheese…anything. Indian wraps if you will. I’m actually going to be doing a post on frankies specifically…wait for that? 🙂

  10. Yum yum yum! Excited 🙂

  11. I would have ordered double egg and double chicken and then removed the chicken so that my daughter can pick on the pieces. I do such weird mommy things when we are eating. All the food looks beyond sumptuous. Another weird food blogger thing I do is click pictures exactly like you do when the serving is serving. The server and my company for the meal are so so embarrassed. 😀 The look on their face is priceless.

  12. Anita – naaah I don’t think that’s weird. Whatever makes the kids comfortable is important. I would’ve ordered the double-double and just devoured it. You’re clearly the better caregiver :-/Ohhhh yeaaah I love clicking when they’re serving…I’ve trained my friends/family well by now haha, they’re not embarrassed. But yeah look on people’s faces in general is awesome.

  13. Anita – naaah I don’t think that’s weird. Whatever makes the kids comfortable is important. I would definitely order the double-double next time around and see what the difference is.Ohhhh yeaaah I love clicking when they’re serving…I’ve trained my friends/family well by now haha, they’re not embarrassed. But yeah look on people’s faces in general is awesome.

  14. BC I work near there and never tried it. This is why I envy people person(s). They get to know the best shit, while we have to read blogs.

  15. Devina Divecha May 25, 2012 — 15:27

    @prem – Erm, okay go try it now. You’ve read the blog, then you can go try the “best shit” 😛

  16. I prefer pr3m, thank you very much.And I will, if I get company.

  17. Theek hi tha! An upgraded frankie is all it was. I’m surprised you recommended it as strongly as you did.

  18. Devina Divecha June 4, 2012 — 20:39

    The point of a blog is my personal opinion… you may not like what I did and vice versa? 🙂

  19. No shit, Sherlock. I was just giving my opinion, since all others seemed to revel in the sameness of tastes.

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