Thai time at Lemongrass

“I’ve NEVER had Thai food before,” said my friend, Hannah.

It was a dark and stormy…no, it wasn’t. It was a clear, sunny day at the office*. I’d roped in three colleagues: Hannah, Gavin and John to volunteer at a concert being hosted by my brother’s school at the Al Badia Golf Club. We were deciding where to go for dinner afterward. It was set: Lemongrass.

I’d actually never been to Lemongrass before, so was quite looking forward to this night. After a fun event, we piled into Guido (my little red Czech piece of beauty) and scooted off towards the Thai restaurant. Our first snag was when there was a waiting list for a table. Should we wait, or should we not?

We stuck to our guns and waited, and soon enough, we snagged a table for four. Four of us, clothed in black (the dress code the volunteers had to adhere to for the event), sat at the tables and pored over the menu.

Without further ado, let’s dive in as I try to recall what these pictures are of!*

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First up: the Lemongrass set, which contains a delightful mix of starters including: mixed vegetable spring rolls, marinated chicken in pandan leaf, glass noodle salad with minced chicken and prawn cakes. Now, all were excellent, but I must point out that the chicken in pandan leaf was amazing. I’ve been to Lemongrass many times since the time I took these photos, and it has never failed to satisfy. I’ve also tasted chicken in pandan in many other restaurants, and till now nothing has matched.

The satay chicken was good, though nothing out of this world. The Thai green curry was to my liking; I enjoyed swirling it with my fragrant rice and munching it down. Really liked the pad thai dish – it’s one of the staple things I order in a Thai restaurant, and this one is decent. Enjoyable every time.

Big shout out to the desserts: I’ve tried quite a few of them now and every one has a distinct, pleasing character.

Lemongrass is a reliable old hand – one that knows what it does well and sticks to the formula. The atmosphere is equally pleasing; relaxed and calming. The staff there is great, and very helpful with the menu. I would advise you to book in advance if possible since the tables do fill up very, very fast.

So if you want to be assured of a good time out, with equally good Thai food, this one is a safe bet. Not disappointed yet.

* I’m writing this TEN months after the happenings in this post, which explains my sketchiness in remembering a few things like dish names! Apologies.

Practical tips: Park in the big parking lot in front of Lamcy Plaza, although be warned this gets full up during the weekend/evenings. It’s AED 2 per hour for parking, until 9pm.


8 thoughts on “Thai time at Lemongrass

  1. You need to give a shout out to the pandan flavoured ice cream. It’s amazing and a must have whenever I go there. Would never have thought red kidney beans and corn would work so well together. Need to have a reunion dinner. :p

    1. It’s amazing how it works together, true. I think when I went back later, we did order the pandan ice cream. Was really good. Reunion dinner? MAYBE. OR MAYBE NOT!

  2. GREEN CURRY and then sticky coconut rice and mango for afters. Zak and I went the night before we flew. HIS suggestion btw… #converted xx miss you guys let’s date soon? X

    1. Hahaha. I’m glad you enjoyed your first Thai experience with us. You and I are going on three dates this week! Poor Gavin.

  3. I must have that lanna-pandan ice cream!

    The food presentation looks so good, and your photographs are making me so hungry šŸ™‚

    1. Definitely go for the ice cream… was a good one. One of the comments here even vouches for it! Their presentation is amazing, that’s true. Haha, that’s me…making people hungry one photo at a time.

  4. Lemongrass is so good. And such amazing value for money. I love the sweet chilli mussels, the tom yam sum and the glass noodle seafood salad. We order in from Lemongrass Express in Batutta all the time, but we’ve never actually been to the one in Karama. Must go soon.

    1. And here I am – I haven’t ordered from anywhere but the one in Karama! There’s actually an express near my house, but for some odd reason, never gone there. Will try your suggestions out next time I’m there too šŸ™‚

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