Three eats in and around San Francisco

I have been to the fine city of San Francisco a couple of times now, and while I have eaten in many places, I’m just going to give you selection of three places I have tried most recently and tell you why I like them. There is obviously so much food to choose from, but here’s just one place to start! This is *not* a definitive list y’all, please remember that!

Don Pisto




‎Brick walls, low lighting, and friendly service, but most important, great Mexican food. But here’s my highlight: because the restaurant doesn’t have a spirit licence, just a wine permit (think there is beer also), the margarita was made, inventively enough, with agave wine not tequila. At $8 a pop, it was beautiful. I didn’t have any complaints about the food, but I did have a standout: the tacos. All of them. Fantastic. I know we tried more, but it was the margarita and the tacos that are etched into my memory. If I go back, I definitely need more of those two.

El Farolito




Tucked away in the Mission District of San Francisco, this small taquiera had a queue snaking outside, and had tables crowded together in the back. I’m pretty sure it was cash only btw, so make sure you carry change. While I am aware the burrito is meant to be the star attraction, the subject of many a listicle, my friend and I bucked the trend and ordered the enchilada and quesadilla and paid a total of $19.88 – BARGAIN! My quesadilla was packed with steak and cheese and was one of the most gorgeous things I’d eaten in a while. My friend preferred the enchilada (pork) but oh my goodness, if I go back it’s this quesadilla I’d eat, no question. It’s a casual spot, do not go there expecting anything but good flavours and affordable prices.

And while you’re in the Mission District, definitely walk around this area!


4505 burger




‎So I found this recommendation in my beautiful and handy book, Where Chefs Eat and since my fellow foodie adventurer was always up for some good meaty finds, off we went. In the book, 4505 Meats is recommended by Daniel Patterson and Michael Tusk, the former calling it “the best burger in town”. The venture opened its bricks-and-mortar restaurant also in San Francisco, which is where we headed. We ordered a burger (obviously, which is called the ‘Best Damn Grass Fed Cheeseburger’) and the meat plate with brisket, and also cheese fries. OK so this burger, it earns its name. The bun is charred, soaks up the tender juices of the meat patty which is sitting alongside a crisp lettuce, cheese, and onion. HELLO. Would go back, eat more. And more. Just as well after this meal, we trekked all over the city.

Where else should I head to in San Francisco? Share your suggestions, I’ll try them out the next time I’m there!


2 thoughts on “Three eats in and around San Francisco

  1. Devina, great to see you still blogging. Those tacos look great. Margueritas made with agave wine sound lustrous! And that smoke rim on the brisket taking me back to my two consecutive summers in Texas! Those fries look like poutine!

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve a few more posts scheduled to come out over the next few weeks, I’ve rejoined the blog world hehe.

      Honestly, the agave wine margarita was an eye-opener – you can be so creative with restrictions, it’s wonderful to see.

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