Feast India, Leicester


When I entered Feast India, the first thing I saw was the salad bar to the left. Not because I loved salad, but because it was inside a rickshaw. Yes, you read that right. A rickshaw. On the right was a seating area full of plush chairs and stools, with cricket memorabilia adorning the walls. With Kapil Dev twinkling down at me and my friend (Shout out to @eddydubai who showed me around Leicester) we waited for a table to get free (that’s how busy the place was!).

I definitely have to give the place top marks for ambience. One wall had a landscape panel of the Queen’s Necklace on Marine Drive, Bombay, another had old-style posters of Hindi film heroines, and one had a sign about complaints made about elephants (pictured in the gallery). The food was buffet-style and organized in 4 sections.

After we ordered something to drink – sweet lassi for me, mango lassi for my friend – we explored the food options!

One was the centre area that had the chefs in the middle of a ringed table in the process of live-cooking. First, it had the starters like kababs, chicken wings, chips, chutneys and so much more. If you moved along the table, you hit the live-wok section where you could ask for things to be made specifically to order (didn’t try that as I was stuffed with everything else already!).

Another section of the live-cooking was the chaat area. Pani puri, ragda patties, dahi vada…you think of any kind of chaat and there it was. The next section was separated by a wall full of etchings on it. It said things like: “Punjab ka sarson ka saag”, “Juhu Beach ki mast pani puri”, “Haleem sirf Hyderabad” and more. Ah the next section had South Indian food like dosas and idlis, which was also brilliant.

Now we move back to the live-cooking section in the centre of the restaurant. After the wok section was the main course of the buffet. So…curries of chicken, lamb, paneer and fish ruled the roost. Hot naans at the end of that line-up followed by rice gave everyone something to choose from.

And AFTER all this, if you please, was the dessert section. Barfis, chocolate cakes, rasgullas and more.

End result: sated, satisfied, and stuffed.

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