Indulging at Shamiana, Taj Mahal Palace




When I’m in Bombay, I have to go to the Taj Hotel – it’s a ritual and my aunt always takes me. For the first time however, I did not go to The Sea Lounge, which is the only place I frequent there. Their chocolate truffle cakes are absolutely brilliant. This time though, my aunt and I reached there past 11pm, which meant Sea Lounge was closed.

I wanted my chocolate truffle at the Taj. I wanted it. I craved it. I lusted for it.

So we went to Shamiana, a 24-hour restaurant on the ground floor of the Taj. I was pleasantly surprised, as their chocolate truffle cake was just as good as the one upstairs and it was cheaper! A chocolate truffle cake in The Sea Lounge is about Rs 450, but it was Rs 275 in Shamiana. My aunt ordered the apple strudel with cream and ice-cream (Rs 450 I think), and that was absolutely delicious as well. The cream was so sinful!

I loved the ambience in the restaurant (although when we entered, there was a loud group of men, one of whom insisted about talking about his Dubai investments) and the waiters there are magnificent, as the entire Taj staff always is.

Going to the Taj – to any of their restaurants – is something I recommend to everyone. The food is good, if slightly more expensive, and the ambience is absolutely magnificent.


2 thoughts on “Indulging at Shamiana, Taj Mahal Palace

  1. this is the Taj Mahal Palace and not the Taj Lands end

    1. Actually, you’re right!!! I’ve no idea why I mixed it up when I wrote it, thanks for pointing it out!

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