Thai food at Siam Central



My friend took me to a Thai restaurant, Siam Central, which is on Charlotte Street and runs parallel to Tottenham Court Road. Centrally located (take the Northern line to Google Street or Central to Tottenham Court Road), it’s a small place that I normally might not have noticed. Absolutely loved the decór – typical bamboo stuff everywhere, but done well. My friends and I got a little booth in the corner, which was separated from the rest of the restaurant with, you guessed it, a bamboo screen.

As far as food was concerned, I left the ordering to my friend, who had lived in Thailand on her gap year as an English teacher. What we have here is chili fry tofu, green curry chicken and egg fried noodles with chicken (which was mine). The flavours were rich and striking. As for my egg fried noodles, I must confess I was daunted. How on earth was I supposed to eat that? I figured out eventually I needed to let the fried noodles soak in the curry to become a little soft. It honestly looked like a bird’s nest to me when it arrived!

For dessert, I had the most unique thing I’ve had in while – green sticky rice with coconut juice, served with ripe mangoes and a strawberry. It was different, delicious and looked fabulous.

I’d never had Thai food before this experience, and I must say, I really enjoyed it. I’m definitely planning another venture into Thai food, and soon.


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