Whittard of Chelsea: Dubai vs UK stores

After two posts already on Whittard of Chelsea (see them here and here), what can I possibly add?

I’ve been to Whittard’s in Dubai and in UK. I don’t know if it’s just my luck, but I’ve never been inside a Whittard’s in UK that serves food as well. In Dubai, apart from selling tea, and other paraphernalia associated with tea and coffee and dining, there’s a dine-in concept as well.

While I love food, I especially enjoy entering a Whittard’s in the UK. They have walls stacked with different kinds of tea, an area for us coffee-lovers as well, quirky mugs, plates, bowls and more items to brighten up your kitchen. When I enter a Whittard’s in UK, I feel like a kid in a candystore…the smells, the vibrant colours and the vibe makes it what it is. It also helps that when they have a sale, everything is super-affordable and therefore even more accessible if you don’t want to blow a lot of money on dining items.

Here’s a look at just one of things I’ve bought from a Whittard’s in the UK:

C’mon Dubai … make it more appealing than just another café! I’d love to see a larger range of items to buy and at prices that don’t make a hole in my wallet.

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