The Innocent Café – get your 5-a-day for 5 pounds!

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A unique concept that I stumbled upon online, the Innocent 5 for 5 café is one that’s open for just 7 days. You heard me right.

Either sit down in the restaurant or avail of the the takeaways (apparently you had to book online and all the seats were gone when I looked, so takeaway it was) from the 7-day-only café in Shoreditch. The restaurant serves different food from the takeaways, so I can’t comment on that.

But my takeaway was bloody brilliant!

It’s called a 5 for 5 café because it gives you your 5-a-day for 5 pounds only. I fully expected to go in and just get my veg pot and a smoothie. Boy, was I wrong!

In it there was my veg pot, my smoothie, a muffin, fruit nibbles, trail mix, wooden cutlery, a recipe book, a cool poster about eating your greens, a tea bag, peppermint chewing gum, a 50p off voucher to buy a veg pot … and loads of humour in everything. I was reading all the fine print on the boxes and they were hilarious. Check out the one I’ve photographed that was on the muffin – there was plenty more where that came from!

I’m going back for the rest of the week. I LOVED IT!

If you’re around London, check out the timings and do try and visit. It’s only open till Friday, October 8, so hurry up!


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