Lebanese food with Maroush Gardens

There are many Lebanese restaurants on Edgware Road, London, and Maroush has quite a few of their outlets peppering the entire street. I’d gone to Maroush Garden’s for my friend’s birthday and the 4 of us ordered the “Lunch for 4” deal. At 90 pounds, you wonder what you get. Well…a lot.

Hummus, muttabbal, tabbouleh, kibbeh, falafel, vegetable platter, warak inab (vine leaves with stuffing), soujok (lebanese sausages in a spicy gravy), batata hara (spicy potatoes), labneh, the gourmet mixed grill which consisted of shish taouk, shish kebab and lamb cubes, with fresh fruits and baklava for dessert. We also ordered a plate of arayes for good measure. As a regular purveyor of Lebanese food in Dubai, I can officially say the food here was top-class.

And when they saw it was my friend’s birthday (obvious when we brought out the cake we’d gotten along), they took the cake, stuck a candle on it and started playing “Happy Birthday” in Arabic (Sana 7elwa ya gamiil) over the restaurant PA system while the other customers clapped along as well. Brilliant! My friend from Dubai felt like she was right back at home.

I must add, we lingered for 4 hours, slowly eating their succulent fare… rest assured, it was the only meal we had that day!

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