Let’s Go Eat Malaysian food


I’d never had Malaysian food before I was whisked off to Jom Makan (which according to their website, literally means “Let’s Go Eat”). My friends and I went to their branch in the West End, right next to the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square. The interior looked spaced out and roomy, with the hanging circular red lighting catching my fancy (I am quite obsessed with red, as my friends would know).

I had traditional Malaysian tea called Teh Tarik and it reminded me of the masala chai I make at home, but with sweetened milk instead. Possibly chai is an odd thing to accompany your dinner, but I found it complemented the dishes we ordered very well.

For starters, we had Satay Ayam (chicken skewers) and vegetarian samosas. Loved the chicken starters…the sauce it came with was fantastic. My main dish was Mee Hoon Goreng, which was fried rice noodles with chicken, egg, beansprouts, carrots and spring onions. It was quite soft and had a slight spicey tinge (not too much though) and was filling. As I said, the chai went well with the main dish.

For dessert, I went with what was called Exotic Cheesecake (mango and passionfruit) and my friend went with Mango Coco. The cheesecake was an interesting twist on the traditional version. It was creamier and had less biscuit as the base than I’m normally used to, but the flavour of the mango and passionfruit was pretty good. I’m not sure if I prefer this to the traditional version, but as exotic versions go, this one passed the test.

An interesting place to dine at for sure. I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to Thai and Malaysian food since coming to the UK, and I’m quite pleased to have found more cuisines that I enjoy.


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