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cheap places to eat in Mumbai

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Mumbai isn’t just a haven for unemployed hopefuls and Bollywood film stars. It boasts some of the most lip-smacking food you’ll come across during your travels.  Do remember you’ll be hard pressed to find beef and pork in many places; your best bet is vegetarian food, chicken or fish. And don’t drink the tap water!

Here’s a pick of cheap places to eat in Mumbai that’ll keep any backpacker happy:

Tibbs Frankies, downtown Colaba

Fill your stomach with a fat Frankie at one of the many Tibbs outlets. A naan bread stuffed with chicken/mutton/paneer/ vegetables accompanied by onions and various spices, it will fill you up yet leave you wanting more.
Expect to pay INR45-65 (65p-93p)

Ayub’s, shop No 5, 43 Dr VB Gandhi Marg

Ayub’s has recently expanded from being just a street side café, and has the best kabab rolls in the city. Remember to tell the waiter how spicy you’d like it. When they say spicy, it’s enough to make you reach for a couple bottles of water.
Expect to pay INR45-90 (65p to £1.29)

Right Place, Kemp’s Corner, opposite Breach Candy Hospital

While Right Place serves all kinds of snacks – pizzas, rolls, smoothies, ice-creams – it’s their grilled sandwiches you want. Without a doubt the best sandwiches you will find in Mumbai, they’re completely customizable and they don’t skimp their portions.
Expect to pay INR 55 (79p)

Britannia Café, Wakefield House, Sprott Road

One of the few remaining places that subscribe to Mumbai’s Parsi café culture, residents swear by Britannia café. Dig into their dhansak-rice (a pulses and mutton stew), their sali boti (mutton), sali chicken or their signature pulao made with a top-secret berry recipe. Open Monday to Saturday only for lunch.
Expect to pay INR80-180 (£1.15-2.58)

Everyone seems to have their own (strong) opinions on  the best places to eat in Mumbai, so Gap Daemon hardly dares to ask this question, but here goes: do you agree with Devina’s picks? And have you got any others to recommend?

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