Macaroni Grill


My first time to Macaroni Grill I ordered their cannelloni, since I’ve discovered (only in the last year!) that I do love cannelloni pasta. The cannelloni was really good, although personally I preferred the one I’d had months ago in Sheffield.


There was also their veggie salad on the table, since Chirag was … well … IS vegetarian (How we agree on where to eat is beyond me) and was (is?) on a health kick.


What we both loved completely was their bread. He’s a bit of a bread-enthusiast (okay, I lie…”bit” is an understatement!) and watched excitedly as I broke off a bit of the bread and dipped it in the olive oil. It really was good bread…I must agree.



This part I enjoyed: they have white sheets of paper and crayons which they leave to your imagination. I was drawing random flowers, we played naughts and crosses, and then I wrote out our ongoing conversation in shorthand. I just hope no one ever saw it and deciphered it!


I loved the location of the restaurant – it’s right off the aquarium in Dubai Mall, which is perfect for me because I like that sort of thing. It’s another of those restaurants that’s well worth repeat visits.

2 thoughts on “Macaroni Grill

  1. Wow, I didnt know this blog existed. Love the bread there, the food is amazing as well. Caught up once with Chirag for lunch there and yes. He had just THAT. the Salad and unlimited Iced Tea

  2. To be fair, it didn’t exist until a few days ago. Thanks for reading!

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