Indulgence: Sugar Daddy’s cupcakes


Nom, nom, nom.

Bought 6 cupcakes from Sugar Daddy’s and followed their website instructions not to put them in the fridge at the end of the day, but to store them in airtight containers at room temperature instead. Spot on. I’d bought cupcakes from here a long time back and stuck them in the fridge that time. They didn’t taste as great afterward. But when I found and followed the instructions, the cupcakes tasted as fresh as they were the day I bought them; the frosting felt fresh and the cake still had moisture left in it.

Good for a spot of indulgence.

1 thought on “Indulgence: Sugar Daddy’s cupcakes

  1. Your photos make me wanna grab one right off the screen!I haven’t had a Sugar Daddy’s cupcake in a long time. I was a little put off by them on my last birthday when we ordered a red velvet cake; there was WAY too much food coloring in there. I think they’re better off sticking to the cupcakes!

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