RAW Coffee Company, I pledge eternal love to thee

After proclaiming RAW to be my find of Taste of Dubai 2011, it would have been remiss of me not to visit their one-and-only outlet at the Dubai Garden Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road.

I organized a food blogger outing and a few members of our group showed up for our caffeine fix (shout out to Arva, Yasmin, Sally and Sarah) at RAW Coffee Company.

I started clicking away …


…and then when we met the co-owner Kim Thompson who was quite happy to show us around. We were led into the back where a massive steam-engine-looking contraption stared at us in all its powerful glory. It was the roasting machine and smelled of everything coffee.


While she explained how the machine worked, I kept snapping pictures of all the lovely beans in the roasting room. She also showed how what the beans look like before (green) and after (brown) roasting (The last pic shows freshly picked beans from New Zealand!).


And then we ordered our coffees…

Getting the five-star treatment with our coffees made by none other than the UAE Barista Champion, Raja Muthusamy, who will be representing UAE in the international championship this year. I went *click* *click* *click* as he prepared our caffeine-filled delights. Good luck with the competition; we’re sure you’ll do brilliantly!


Showing the beans some love:


And the cups were saying to me: “Fill me with coffee! Fill me now!”


And voila…our coffee cups were full!


And as you can see, fellow foodie Yasmin was chugging away


The coffee we had was made from the “working” blend, which is a combination of coffee beans from Ethiopia, East Timor, Nicaragua, Peru and Colombia. Their blends are named after one’s state of clothing: Nude (which is decaf, quite cleverly enough), Working, Tailored and Casual.

Their coffee prices are very, very, very reasonable. An excellent cuppa will set you back just Dhs 12. If you’re interested in buying their beans, a 200g pack of their Working blend was Dhs 30, and they can grind it for you if that’s what you need.

See you soon RAW! I’ll be sure to bring my caffeine-loving friends around; they need to see what they’re missing.


Also see an excellent post about RAW on Arva’s blog.

1 thought on “RAW Coffee Company, I pledge eternal love to thee

  1. inafryingpan (Arva) March 18, 2011 — 19:34

    I take the pledge with thee Dee! (oh that rhymes..has a nice ring to it too…) So glad you had your camera, these are really fun pics that perfectly capture the experience.So that awesome 5-bean blend smells of ecstasy (not literally, metaphorically) when you grind it up fresh in the morning. I’m not sure I’ve figured out how to extract the best cup of espresso from it, but I’m working on it. Anytime you wanna do a RAW coffee run, just holla’. I’ll be there.

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