A morning at Bombay Chowpatty


…the restaurant. Not the actual chowpatty.

That’s the mixed bhajia plate and the khaman dhokla. Prefer the khaman dhokla my Mom makes at home, but the mixed bhajia plate was pretty good. It’s one of those reliable veggie joints (they now have a separate non-veg section too; must try that!) where you get cheap food that fills you and tastes good.

And masala chai…always good!

2 thoughts on “A morning at Bombay Chowpatty

  1. Hiya Devina,What is that last picture? Yellow looking cake? It looks gorgeous. Issit savoury? I simply adore Indian food but pity, I don’t know half of what they are! Need a 101 on Indian Food (names&ingredients) I reckon! ;)Wonderful blog by the way!

  2. Devina Divecha May 21, 2011 — 05:22

    Hi Natalie…thanks for reading! The yellow thing is called khaman dhokla … Not sure what to call it in English. It’s not savoury exactly but not sweet either. But you’ve actually helped me realise that not everyone who stops here knows Indian dishes so from now on I will definitely describe the pics as much as possible…thank you!

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