P.F. Chang’s


I’d only tried P.F. Chang’s at Taste of Dubai by way of their chicken lettuce wraps. P.F. Chang’s was chosen for the venue for a reunion of sorts. I’ll apologize in advance because I cannot remember what I ordered, and I was silly enough not to write their names down. However, I do remember the dish I ordered was mentioned on the menu as being the spiciest chicken dish in the house. So naturally I had to order it. It was spicy, yes, but people can tone down the amount of hotness they take in by avoiding the chillies on the side. I ate them. Some people cannot.

The other thing we had was this orange, perhaps honey-glazed chicken dish that was absolutely divine. If anyone knows the name of that, PLEASE let me know because I want to have it again. And again. And then some more. Nom Nom.

We did not *shock gasp horror* have dessert. We were stuffed. Well I was stuffed because I ate half of my friend’s glazed chicken dish. To be fair, she wasn’t going to finish it!

Decent food, perhaps pricier than other Chinese joints where you’d get equally good food though.

3 thoughts on “P.F. Chang’s

  1. I believe the spicy chicken (the first picture) is called Dali Chicken and the other one is Crispy Honey Chicken. I’ve never been able to eat dessert there either – always stuffed with the mains.

  2. Devina Divecha April 15, 2011 — 18:13

    Thank you @cyberfruit!!! You’re right, those names DO ring a bell 😀

  3. Orange chicken is my fav!! Maybe it’s their orange peel chicken, or agree with cyberfruit that it could be the crispy honey chicken? Found a link to their menu: http://www.pfchangs.com/menu/ Love that close up shot of the glazed chicken…

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