Stuffing my face in Camden


Picture courtesy @eddydubai

That was me at the end of a particularly exciting day in Camden. To be fair, this happened many months ago and I’ve been extremely lazy and haven’t posted this on the blog…so my memory might be a little sketchy. Forgive me.

My friend @eddydubai and I were traipsing around Camden this January and if Camden is good for something apart from the shops and tat you can pick up, it’s the food.

There are stalls aplenty and you’ll never have a cuisine issue. Chinese, Indian, Italian and more…vendors call out at you, pushing their wares. The scent of food lingers in the air, with every crunching step you take on the gravelly paths.

Since it was many months ago, I cannot recall the names of these Chinese dishes I had, but they were cheap and filling:


Eventually dessert was on the menu. Crepes! I saw there was an alcohol-filled crepe and both my friend and I wondered what that would be like. Now, @eddydubai does not drink alcohol, but he knows I can have stuff with alcohol in it (As I’ve found out, most tiramisus in the UK are laced with it!). He kept egging me on to try the alcohol one, but I kept demurring. Why did he want me to try it? Well since he couldn’t, he wanted a first-hand account from someone who could. Nevertheless, his persistence aside, I stood my ground (yay me) and had a chocolate-filled one. And that’s what I was gobbling down in the picture that started this whole thing.


You’re not going to get gourmet food in Camden. But then again, you don’t expect it. What you can expect, and will get, is fast food, good food, filling food…and fun!


3 thoughts on “Stuffing my face in Camden

  1. inafryingpan May 21, 2011 — 02:21

    That first pic of you is so cute, so so in-the-moment, love it!! πŸ˜€ I’m such a sucker for stall and street food myself, wish they had this kind of stuff in Dubai, at least when it’s not crazy hot outside. (PS. Love this post Dee, it’s got your smiley happy slightly-mocking [in a funny way!] Dee stamp all over it [I’ve seen that one over lukmi too ;)…] – and it’s contagious! I need me one of those sticky-sweet-sour chinese dishes now too.)

  2. Lovely post that brought back so many fond memories of my London days. I too used to love London for those fabbilicious stalls in Camden, and Notting Hill too. Gosh how I wish we could transport some of this deliciousness to Dubai. x

  3. aww.. i miss london ! i am actually going there this week ! and will visit camden market for sure πŸ˜€

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