#BakeFestDxb Take 2


Yes. That’s me. At BakeFest, scarfing down Nick’s (that’s @theregos to you dahlinks!) Godiva Chocolate Cake. Mmmm, so so so good. Mmmmmm. So good in fact, that I have a whole gallery dedicated to said cake. While my next statement might possibly land me a lot of hate mail, here it is: I was the first person to get a hold of the first slice of the Godiva Chocolate Cake, which many people did not get because it got sold out. Burn baby burn.


After showing you how I shamelessly piled on the chocolate into my saliva-filled mouth, let’s go back a bit to what BakeFest is? Well, you know what…just go back and read more about the first Bakefest here. Essentially though, it’s the community of bakers coming together to sell their delicious delights.

This year, we had BakeFest in the spankin’ new Wild Peeta Open Space at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

So what else did I have apart from the Godiva chocolate cake (yes folks, ‘fraid I’m going to keep rubbing it in)? I’m going to go about this in a ramshackle manner, so bear with the crazed ravings of this sugar high bunny.

While I did not try it, a gallery dedicated to Cakery Dubai’s (@cakerydubai) Flake Cake. Just because it looks so good.


Absolutely cannot ignore the most amazing Red Banda Bakes stand by Yasmin (@yasminmebar), where I broke my try-only-one-item-from-each-stand policy and had TWO. TWO I SAY! Her alfajeros (not something promiscuous but something delicious) were absolutely amazing (read her post about them here). Then Arva (@inafryingpan) … oh look there she is…


…anyway, Arva and myself tried the Swedish Summer Cake and that was just…oh Yasmin, how I love your magic baking hands so. I loved it all so much, I got up mid-bite, went over to her while she was talking to someone and hugged her. Twice.





Anyhoo, other stuff, we tried some of this too and it was really good. I was surprised because I normally don’t like toffee too much, so this butternut toffee with the almond and chocolate top by Sahar (@saharp) was a surprise like!


Also had Nick’s hashtag brownies … oh wait, there I go, breaking my only-one-item-from-each-stand policy again:



Since there are A LOT of photographs I’ll now leave you to it with two more galleries…one is full of people. The other is blatant food p*rn. one gallery of just food (I’m sorry folks but for some reason it won’t let me upload the images and after 4-5 tries I can’t be bothered) which is still blatant food p*rn. Enjoy!



Organizer of BakeFestDxb whom we all love very much (and I’m SO not saying this because I want more of that Godiva cake; definitely not):


I’m linking to other posts on BakeFest Dubai; if yours isn’t here and you’d like to be listed, please leave a comment and I’ll stick you in right away!


10 thoughts on “#BakeFestDxb Take 2

  1. inafryingpan May 30, 2011 — 10:32

    OMG THESE PHOTOS ARE BRILLIANT!! They’re brilliant brilliant brillIIIIAAANT! Love this post, knew you would do something totally awesome with it! [PS – happy to note that I saved my precious slice of Nick’s Godiva cake so I could have smidgens of it each day. Ironically I was snacking on it when I saw this post come online!]BRILLIANT WOMAN, NO OTHER WORD, GETCHUR-DSLR-ON!!

  2. Dee… Your photos… Your way of describing everything… Oh dear Lord, woman! I’m already nervous as I write up my own blog post because I feel like I can’t capture it this way! Just lovely!

  3. inafryingpan May 30, 2011 — 10:44

    …come to think of it, I had that 1 thing from every baker rule too…whatever happened to that. And I broke it with exactly the same things you did, hashtag brownies and swedish summer trifles. See those supersonic waves zapping in the air right now? You + Me at bakefest = MIND MELD.

  4. ginger and scotch May 30, 2011 — 12:04

    Dee – is this the borrowed cam? your use of depth of field and your eye for composition makes these photos amazing!

  5. Devina Divecha May 30, 2011 — 12:28

    OMG guys, thanks so much for the comments. I was a bit nervous putting this up because this is the first time I’ve done a food post with the DSLR that I’ve borrowed from my friend @shru_@inafryingpan/Arva, thanks very much. It means a lot that you’re saying you think they’re good as I’m always lusting after your pics! Haha we need to mind meld again soon, yes? :)@Yasmin… Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t be silly, I love the way you post as well. Can’t wait to see it and add it to this list.@gingerandscotch / Sandy: Yup, this is the Canon 5D that I’ve borrowed. Thank you! I’ve some pics of your adorable food-blogger-in-the-making as well but didn’t want to put them on a public blog.

  6. Sally - My Custard Pie May 30, 2011 — 12:30

    I have another great pic of you that I’ll pass on. Love how you’ve captured all the goodies here.

  7. You should totally get your own big camera now (until someone refuses to let you borrow)! Big or Small camera your editing and eye WINS! I so love the @theregos photo slicing the cake.

  8. harshaparpia June 2, 2011 — 05:21

    OMG, Nicks cake slicing is sooo NEAT! loland this post just brought back heightened regrets of not being able to make it to bakefest that day !! >>.<<

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