BakeFestDxb: the four-tiered edition

^From Sahar Latheef's table Like an old hand, I've been attending BakeFestDxb since the very beginning (wander down BakeFestDxb memory lane with all previous posts here) ... it's a great way for community bakers to showcase their skills to the world and interact with the world. Every year, Wild Peeta opens up their space to …

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Muchos gracias to @wildpeeta for hosting, along with @DaddyBird for the twtvite. Baking super-heroes and heroines include @theregos and @boozychef (the Godiva chocolate cake sold out cakes!), @Sugaholic (did y'all see those fancy burger cupcakes?), @sid_90 (heavenly looking massive cakes I must say), @CakeryDubai (Uhhh, I was their first customer... 99 flake cupcake woohoo!), …

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