It’s @BakeFestDxb Number 3


The very hungry @PreetSagar in front of a red velvet cake pop from Delphi’s Delights

After my sugar rush at the last BakeFestDxb, I was fully anticipating the next installment. Last time, I unfortunately left early. But this time, I came prepared. I reached Wild Peeta just before noon, ready for the madness. My plan was this: to stay the entire event so I could space out my sugar intake and not be a sugar-crazed bunny.

Yeah, that so didn’t work (for proof, ask @asatiir how I greeted him…I’m so sorry for that long, drawn-out near-banshee wail…I was pleased to see you. Really.).

Once the clock hit 1pm, the event had officially started. And as with last time, I snagged the first Godiva cupcake from Nick. ENVY ME, FOOLS.


I also had his chocolate chilli brownie, which I loved because it was really soft with the right element of chewiness and as soon as you had the last bite, the chilli flavour snuck in like Santa Claus in the dead of the night, trying to stuff presents under your tree without you knowing. But you wake up and find them there and are absolutely delighted. Yeah, those were his brownies.


The event was interesting in that there were a few bakers who hadn’t been there the last two times, which always makes for new culinary discoveries.


Like these macarons for instance. Archana Patwardhan was already there when I arrived. A first-timer at BakeFest, she’s also a food blogger. I lost no time in letting her know about the Fooderati Arabia cult food bloggers’ group. I tasted her chocolate macarons and jalapeno and sweet corn muffins…and these macarons blew me away. I’m the first to admit I’m no macaron expert, but these were light, easy to bite and when you did sink your teeth into them, they crumbled in your mouth like little fairy bites.


I liked the jalapeno and sweet corn muffins too; would’ve liked them a little moister than they were but the spice kick was awesome.

Another find: Melting Moments by Shifana Anver. Savoury muffin with cheese, pepperoni and chives? A very random combination (I think) but it worked. I’m a fan of cheese…would love to perhaps taste some other kind of cheeses in that dish. Very nice idea Shifana!


There was a mish-mash of bites I took from random dishes on a table in front of me (Thank you Farida for saying: “EAT!”):


Sahar Latheef Rahman‘s blueberry cheesecake was a surprise, mostly because it was very light. Not very cheesy, which perhaps makes it a good choice for someone who doesn’t like a very cheesy cheesecake but a cheesecake nonetheless. Blueberries added a nice fruity element to it (I’ve already tasted Sahar’s work in a cake she baked for a birthday party, but a post will be up on that later).


Arva stuffed a chocolate chip cookie in my face, and also said: “EAT!” (I sense a sisterly pattern here) and eat I did. Very nice, Fatma bin Saifan from Vanilla Sukkar!

After reading about the cheesecake bags on Meris‘ blog (Cheesecakeism), I was curious to try it out. Cheesecake inside pastry wrappers? 


Yeah…this one was interesting. It was served with custard on the side. I wasn’t sure if I managed to eat it right…the fork didn’t chop it up really well and I was sugar-high enough to not realize I needed a knife too. I hacked away and made it a soggy mess and then ate it.


It was definitely different though, I must say. Not the conventional cheesecake options you have out there.

My post will stay incomplete without blog love for Yasmin Mebar, who is behind Red Panda Bakes. Never any question what I was going to buy from her table: ALFAJORÉS!


I apologize to anyone I scared at the event, as I went up to people…those I knew and those I didn’t…and said: “If you don’t try the alfajorés, I’ll never speak to you again.” It worked! Anyway, I’d already had her mini vanilla bean tarts and chocolate pudding tarts before (at another event at her house because she loves me…ENVY ME FOOLS…


…[I apologize again, not sure why I’m channeling B.A. Baracus today]), so I headed off for my staple South American cookie and her apple pie.


Lots of love going out to the Wild Peeta brothers who love participating in community events and lending their venue for things like this…and to Nick.


I spoke to him before the event started to get a few thoughts…which proved to be a bit of a challenge. For one, he was dealing with the flurry of bakers and assigning them tables (via them pulling numbers out of a bag)…


…and then when he started talking…I can go up to 120 wpm in shorthand (I’ve a 100wpm certification, but I know I can go up to a 120)…but he was talking so fast, I got words down, not sentences. Nick…dahlink…slow down.


But essentially, he said BakeFest is an initiative to encourage community bakers, and that anyone who has a love for baking and food should definitely pop by the event. Common misconception is that Nick is the founder of BakeFest but he quickly told me he wasn’t. BakeFest apparently began with an argument on Twitter that had something to do with bakers/foodies who wanted more community events catering to them (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?). “Wild Peeta stepped in as they always do, and said ‘why don’t you do it?'” said Nick. “It was a case of baking your cake and eating it too,” he added.


There were 12 bakers at the second event and 8 at the first. This time there were 14. Apart from the number of bakers increasing, the interest has also grown. Having attended all three, I can safely say it gets more crowded every single time. Nick agreed and said the event has definitely grown in volume. “Also, thanks to Wild Peeta for giving us a space for the event,” said Nick. He also said while people have been asking for more BakeFests to be held, he thinks it’s better for the momentum of the event to keep it spaced apart.

And with that, Nick sashayed back in to get his cupcakes on.


I took well over 150 photographs of people and food, you can find all of them here on my brand new Facebook page (I’ve had it for months, decided to publish it now!) that will tie all my blogs and photographs together.

Read other write-ups about the event (and if you’re not here and you’ve blogged about it, leave a comment with the link and I’ll stick it in):


23 thoughts on “It’s @BakeFestDxb Number 3

  1. Gorgeous photography! Looks like a lot of fun! Next time there’s a Bakefest I hope I’m not working, especially because I desperately need help learning to bake. Do you ever make bread? I cannot do it. I have tried so many times and it always comes out dense and weird.

  2. Loved the pictures! Which lens were you using? :-sThe food looks so delish! Very detailed report! Thank you for details =)

  3. Blogger, who have made described in my post pistachio and rose water punt cake – please identify yourself – I badly want that recipe!!!!

  4. Beautiful pictures Devine…love this sugar high time I will be there to sample these sweet treats.

  5. I Live in a Frying Pan November 28, 2011 — 08:58

    yaaaaay for sugar goodies that are making me crave for another Bakefest all over again! Was awesome seeing you there šŸ™‚

  6. Sheryn, thanks! Yup, #BakeFestDxb was a lot of fun. You should definitely come by the next time…fingers crossed you won’t be working. Oh I’m the wrong person to ask about bread…I’ve never made any! I’ve only a few baking experiments to my name šŸ˜¦ Should definitely ask the other FiA members. I’m sure someone has good ideas on how to do it.

  7. Elena (@dxbcookie), thanks! I used two; one a 50mm Prime and then my f2.8 100m macro. Oh, for the pistachio and rose water cake, I made a list of what all the bakers had. It’s not with me right now…will be able to tell you in a few hours who it was šŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting šŸ™‚

  8. Thank you @vegtastebuds šŸ™‚ Yeah I hope you can make it for the next one. It’s great to eat, to get ideas and to meet other people who love food and baking šŸ™‚

  9. Arva (@inafryingpan) … same here šŸ™‚ Glad I got to sample stuff from your table…no idea if I would’ve managed to taste everything otherwise!

  10. Love the photos! I am so sad I missed out on all the sugary goodness.

  11. You photographs are just gorgeous , I am drooling here looking at the pics . Thanx for visiting my blog and the kind comments and yep I use the picnik photo app .

  12. Was so lovely to have you there with us Dee. Although not the best turnout for my table, I still enjoyed the company! šŸ™‚

  13. Smruti, thanks! Why weren’t you there? :-/

  14. Shabunam [@ShabunamH]…awww thanks so much!I’ve never used Picnik, guessing it’s got basic stuff, so definitely try using that to change exposure if you really need to.

  15. Yasmin, pleasure is all mine…more of your goodies for me šŸ˜‰ And again, kudos to you for whipping up a storm with one hand in a cast!

  16. Lovely pics Devina and makes me feel so bad to have missed attending the sugary goodness.Looking forward to the next event.

  17. DelphisDelights November 28, 2011 — 17:35

    2 days on and i dont think i am over the sugar high!!! Awesome pics Devina and i am glad we got to meet! It was a wonderful event!!!

  18. I was sick šŸ˜¦ lol

  19. Farwin (@LuvandtheSpices), thanks for the comment. Yup, you should definitely be there the next time šŸ™‚

  20. Hey @DelphisDelights…congrats again on getting sold out! Some of your cake pops were devoured by my colleagues šŸ˜€ Was very nice to meet you, and hope to see you at future events šŸ™‚

  21. Smruti…awww shucks, hope you get better soon!

  22. So sorry I missed it. All that looks amazing. love the pic of the cupcake queen

  23. Hey Sarah…yeah it’s a shame you missed it. Next time, you have to be there. We only are made to wait 3-4 months at a time for the cupcake queen to host one šŸ˜€

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