A Chocolate-gasm of epic proportions


I throw the gauntlet down: I am, without a doubt, the most passionate chocoholic food blogger in UAE. I love chocolate. It loves me (on the hips no less). Little did I know I was nearly going to drown in it. Really.

During the Eid break, I decided to boldly go where I have not gone before. One of the places that has been slowly beckoning me for a few months now has been the Vintage Chocolate Lounge in Dubai Mall.

So I walked in and started looking at the menu. There was a lot that caught my eye and I wish I had someone with me at that point because I would’ve sampled a lot more than I actually did. I mean, names were leaping out at me: Chocolate Sushi (potentially the only way I will ever have anything resembling sushi), Fondue (Oh Yasmin, remember our fondue adventure?), Cocoa Crepes, and SO MUCH MORE.

Chocolate-gasms going on right there. And I hadn’t even eaten yet. Little did I know how hot it was going to get.

I decided to try the chocolate shot with cinnamon sprinklings, and the hot chocolate soufflé.

The chocolate shot arrived first. 


Now, don’t make the mistake I did: I thought it was a “hot chocolate” shot. So I swigged the little shot glass and nearly choked on…pure chocolate. You know, the thick, yummy, warm, oozing chocolate bakers make when they want to…uhh…bake stuff? That. It was just…chocolate. With a hint of the cinnamon I’d asked for on top.

I moaned. I am not joking. This was the beginning of slowly succumbing to nothing but chocolate… chocolate-gasm currently in build-up mode.

Because then…the hot chocolate soufflé arrived. I took my spoon and gingerly poked the top crusty layer that collapsed into the innards of that white bowl…and splashed into really hot…hot…sinful chocolate. 


And then when I put that spoon in my mouth, I moaned again. That’s some serious chocolate soufflé going on there. It was great to mix the slightly flaky, crusty top with the really hot chocolate inside, along with some cake-y textures in there.

Chocolate-gasm now at peaking point.

I finished the hot chocolate soufflé and slowly swirled the last molten bite inside my mouth.

Chocolate-gasm update: my tongue exploded. The end.


Practical Tip: I ordered chocolate ice-cream along with the chocolate soufflé but I forgot about it because it didn’t arrive with the plate, and it came to me just before I finished the soufflé – but trust me, you don’t need anything more than the basic soufflé. It’s gorgeous on its own.

For more info, check out Vintage Chocolate Lounge’s official website.


Also, a parking tip because I know it’s a bit of a maze: head over to the Cinema Parking and try parking on Level 7 anywhere near T, U, V. If that’s full, go to level 6 Cinema Parking (always empty for some reason) and go one level up. The Vintage Chocolate Lounge tucked away in a corner, right opposite Reel Cinemas and that gorgeous little shop called The Noble House (the one where I can buy Arwen’s necklace and pendant, and Harry Potter’s wand and Gimli’s axe and more).

19 thoughts on “A Chocolate-gasm of epic proportions

  1. im not sure of the chocolate shot, but that mousse looks amazing… Im willing to try chcolate sushi though! 🙂 I have been in this very area a zillion times, but ventured into this place, i loved their upholstery and chairs!, so remembered the place the minute i saw ur pic!! 🙂

  2. The passion that drips through your food-writing is just so..me. I love your blog! And I love this piece! I salute you for the amazing pictures too that you’ve taken at the risk of rudely interrupting the chocolate-gasm hah.I HAVE to visit this place for the Chocolate Shot.

  3. Hehe @dinamurali … I kept noticing the lounge because of the interiors too! And finally I could take it no more haha. Yeah I definitely want to go back with more people so I can try more items. It’s really rich chocolate, so must go on an empty stomach if you can!

  4. Aww thanks for the comment, @TheLalloo. Hahaha yeah I had to take pictures…who would take my word for it otherwise? 😀 But the chocolate was good enough to sustain the chocolate-gasm through the picture taking, I must say. Yeah, definitely try it out and let me know what you think!

  5. Sally - My Custard Pie November 13, 2011 — 09:58

    oo-er Dee – you enjoyed it then?!! Fabulous pics and good idea to include a parking tip. VERY useful.

  6. Haha yes Sally (@Sally2hats); completely enjoyed it! Yeah parking is always an issue there if you’re not sure where you’re going. I’ve often parked somewhere and emerged at the complete opposite end of where I want to go. Having learned my lesson, I now research for a bit before heading to Dubai Mall so I know exactly where to park :)Thanks! I enjoyed clicking these.

  7. All this chocolate does look orgasmic. We need to go here together soon as I’d like to get some chocolate on my hips. I meant lips… Lips.

  8. I love chocolate and this is a sinful post..so much of chocolate..mmm… love it. Now I too need to go there soon.

  9. Love the chocolate mousse, looks really good!

  10. Yasmin (@YasminMebar) – yup, it does, doesn’t it? There’s lots more where it came from, so let me know when. I’m all too ready to go back to this place.

  11. Raji ( @vegtastebuds ) – Thanks for dropping by. If I had more people with me, there would’ve been more chocolate on this post 😉 Haha, judging by the responses, we should have an FiA outing!!!

  12. Tasmeea – you mean the soufflé? Yeah it was really good. Definitely try it out 🙂

  13. Dubai Mall is my least favorite because of the crazy parking issues – I always get lost. BUT, for this incredible chocolate soufflé? I think I’ll give the mall a second chance. Thanks for the parking tip!You take beautiful pictures. That combined with the way you describe your chocolate experience make me want to leave work right now and drown myself in a sea of chocolate 😀

  14. Thanks very much Nadia – your compliments are making me blush! :$Yeah, like I said, parking is such an issue, I decided this was completely needed for this post.Let me know if you end up trying it out.

  15. Dammit, I did not know about this place last time I was in Dubai! Another reason to say life’s unfair! The chocolate looks gorgeous!

  16. Hey Londoneya (@Londoneya), definitely something to try when you’re here next. The chocolate was really good, I was impressed. I need to gather a group of chocolate-mad women soon to try the larger dishes and share in the chocolate-high 😉

  17. absolutely love to try them! how have you been, Devina!!! ahmm mouth-watering look it has! -Aram, Korea-

    1. You should the next time you are in Dubai 🙂

  18. Nom nom! I also tried the Jewel Box here and its full of yummy little surprises. Do try it on your next visit, it is to die for! See the pictures here: http://sliceofdubai.com/vintage-chocolate-lounge-review/

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