BakeFestDxb: the four-tiered edition

Sahar Latheef's table
^From Sahar Latheef’s table

Like an old hand, I’ve been attending BakeFestDxb since the very beginning (wander down BakeFestDxb memory lane with all previous posts here) … it’s a great way for community bakers to showcase their skills to the world and interact with the world.

Every year, Wild Peeta opens up their space to the event (and many other community events too!) and lets mad scientist-like bakers to take over for the day. And what can I say about BakeFestDxb that I haven’t already? Not much … except that it’s heartening to see how it’s grown, and encouraging to hear about the ever-increasing entries for the event.

Loul's Sweet Treats
^Gorgeous cupcakes from Loul’s Sweet Treats

I enjoyed myself at this one. Sahar’s Japanese cheesecake stole my heart, along with her pumpkin pie (find her at When In Doubt, Eat A Cupcake), and Ujala Ali‘s chocolate cookies with ginger on top was refreshing. The Ice Cream Shop’s ice creams were excellent; you could tell how fresh they are (find them on Facebook and Twitter) and I’d love to have another go at having more of those soon.

Sahar's pumpkin pies
^Pumpkin pie by Sahar Latheef/When In Doubt, Eat a Cupcake

To have a look at the entire list of bakers present at the event, click here.

To check out all my photos from the sugar-filled craziness, click here.

Shruti was taking photos of people at the event with a cute retro backdrop, so once those are online, will link to them too! and here are those pics!

Let me know if you were there that day and what you liked the most, or whose table you loved looking at. Till the next BakeFestDxb… Oh, and thank you Nick for putting on such a fabulous show. LOVE YOU!

Nick Rego Dahlink
^The lord and master of BakeFestDxb, Nick Rego!

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