Smorgasbord: Manga Sushi, Moti Roti, Bloomsbury’s and more

Sometimes there are bite-sized delights of food information you want to post on your blog but those posts would be to a blog audience what one canapé would be to a ravenous person… so what do I do? Mix it all up in a large plate of canapés that will fill you up!

Moti Roti
At home with Moti Roti

A while back, I received an interesting invitation from Tahir Shah, owner of Moti Roti. He invited members from the food blogging community to experience rotis in his home, with his Mom spinning her expert fingers into creating awesome rotis. I went along, and not only did I eat smashing food, but also learned more about Tahir and what he’s trying to do with Moti Roti. It was also an insight into the hardships faced by SMEs here, especially in the F&B sector. The rotis are excellent – “maa ke haath ka khana” (food made by Mom) right there. And indeed that night, we had the opportunity to taste Maa Moti Roti’s expert cooking. One awesome discovery I made that night – Moti Roti’s hot chutney. Please, please, PLEASE, make sure you get this when you order your wraps. It’s absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t get enough of my chicken and roti dipped in oodles of hot chutney… AMAZING.
View all photographs from the delightful evening here

Manga Sushi
The sushi platter in full force

Around the same time, I also ventured to Manga Sushi, along with a Groupon voucher that allowed a choice of two servings of soup or salad, and one sushi mixed platter (with 24 pieces). Manga Sushi can be found in Jumeirah at the Beach Park Plaza, and it’s quite an interesting place. It’s exactly what you’d think, a sushi place that is decorated in complete manga style. The food was alright, but then I’m potentially biased anyway since I’m not a massive sushi eater. The soup was good, we even ordered some seaweed salad which I liked. The actual sushi was decent, nothing that blew my mind away. The ambience was great though, really different experience from regular Dubai joints in terms of decor etc. The only thing that put me off was when we entered, we were told by the waitress that we should have made an appointment, and that it was okay this time but if we came again to call in advance because it gets really full. Yeah. I was there for two hours. Over half the tables were empty. Anyway, for a different sushi experience, do give the place a try.
View my photographs from the sushi extravaganza here.

Bloomsbury's high tea
Bloomsbury’s high tea

A delightful experience was at Bloomsbury’s – I’ve reviewed it before – and this time it was for its high tea experience. At AED 55/- per person, it’s more than value-for-money; it’s an absolute steal. It’s a place to settle down in, perhaps after a long shopping spree, or just chilling with friends (which is what I did). So for AED 55, you get three sandwiches, two scones with jam and clotted cream, two financiers, one brownie, two blondies, three mini meringues, one boutique cupcake of your choice, and tea/coffee. Not bad, eh? I find it to be a very reasonably priced and yummy high tea, so do, do, do give it a try.
View my photographs from a delectable afternoon here.

Balqees honey at IFFF

Balqees honey at IFFF

The International Fine Food Festival was also in play, held alongside the International Coffee and Tea Festival at Meydan in Nad Al Sheba. I’ve always missed the coffee and tea extravaganza, so made it a point to go this time, especially as it was co-located with the first fine food festival. The latter was smaller than I expected, but filled with delicious delights and organic fare. The drinks festival had the UAE Barista Championships going on, which was interesting to watch while I was there. I found a few interesting things, and all the photographs from the day can be seen here.

That’s all I have for this time – reviews to return soon. I’m off on a holiday for two weeks, so while I may not blog until the New Year, I will put food photos up on my Foodspotting profile, as well as my Facebook page, A Writer Called Devina, so feel free to follow me there for more food updates – for the next two weeks from the UK!

Have a great holiday season, and a happy new year 🙂


3 thoughts on “Smorgasbord: Manga Sushi, Moti Roti, Bloomsbury’s and more

  1. Although I’m trying to cut back on rice and bread but I want those rotis so bad!!

    Have a great holiday!

  2. Have a lovely holiday Devina! And a Happy New Year to you! (High tea is going on my list.)

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