Fruit Shop on Gream’s Road

It was a dark, non-stormy night. The rumbling was getting louder, and louder, and then some.

I was hungry for dessert.

My aunt and cousins were in town and apart from my stomach (which, even though was full on some awesome wraps from Zaatar W Zeit, seemed to have a special compartment reserved for dessert), I wanted to show them some foodie destinations.

My first thought was Brunetti’s (read more about it here), but we got there near 11pm and it was closed. Now what?


Just to be clear, there is no Gream’s Road in Dubai. Confused yet? Since their website says it really well, I’ll quote it:

FRUIT SHOP ON GREAMS ROAD is a popular chain of juice pubs from South India,operating 11 stores in Chennai(Madras).

I’m not sure how long they’ve been in Dubai, but my first visit was on December 31, 2009 (yes I remember). Anyway, we got there a little after 11pm, ordered fresh strawberries with cream, fresh mango with cream and a fruit salad thing with ice cream on top. My taste buds exploded. The cream was fresh, the fruits even more so, as if they were just plucked from wherever they’re plucked from.




I love the interiors of the place – it’s like all fruity colours exploded and attacked the seats and walls. It’s bright and friendly, and the people serving you are awfully nice. The person on duty that night brought over loads of puzzles for my 11-year-old cousin to play with and then helped him solve one when he couldn’t figure it out. Awesome, that.

And if you have some free time, read the short write-up I did about them in the Jazeera Airways in-flight magazine, which shows a pretty good view of the exterior of the café. It’s located right opposite Lamcy Plaza, across the big parking lot. Can’t miss it. And I’d advise you not to!

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1 thought on “Fruit Shop on Gream’s Road

  1. This is such a fitting article for the summer! And I’m perpetually on the hunt for good ice cream places cause my dad loves ice cream to bits, so can’t wait to try this! Thanks for sharing 😀

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