Love me, then leave me

Promise me the world. You look perfect. Tell me you’ll stay with me, every step of the way.


Entice me with your lusciousness, your sweet taste and your pretty looks.


I bite, I freeze and let the juices flow.


I fall in love, I delve deep into your mind, your soul and understand what makes you so darn desirable. And delicious.


And then it’s over. You give me one last bite, one last taste, one last whiff of your addictive scent of freshness and giddy love.


Love me, then leave me.

Note: Pinkberry yoghurt is pretty good (as far as frozen yoghurts go), and the staff I encountered was very helpful and friendly, which definitely makes me like the place. Scroll to the bottom of this link for UAE store locations – they haven’t mentioned the one I went to, which is the branch in the Emirates Hills Town Centre.


2 thoughts on “Love me, then leave me

  1. I Live in a Frying Pan July 17, 2011 — 05:32

    Loved pinkberry in NYC, though it was easier to grab some on my walk back home than to drive out here in Dubai to get some. Loved the green tea one the best, wonder if they have that here…

  2. Yep they have green tea here too, and so much more palatable than traditional green tea ice cream. I do love Pinkberry…

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