The last bow of BB’s


These words probably sum up most of my times in Sheffield:

All the crazy shit I did tonight*
Those would be the best memories
I just wanna let it go for the night
That would be the best therapy for me

I’ve blogged about BB’s Italian restaurant before: here and here. It’s one of those small restaurants on Devonshire Street, in Sheffield, and has some really good Italian food. They gave me a thumpin’ good time on my birthday in 2010, and a jolly good send-off when I was in Sheffield for the last time before I left UK.


My glee at having their fantabulous pasta knew no bounds.


And of course, best tiramisu I’ve ever had. Ever.


They have other good desserts too!


One of the restaurants I was truly sorry to say goodbye to … I miss you BB’s. I have no more pictures of this place, after three posts. And I miss you truly.


*For those nosey parker aunties who may or may not be trolling my blogs, “crazy shit” most likely means mad food adventures, so get your panties out of a twist.


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