A chocolate addict’s heaven: Chocopologie

[2017 EDIT: This venue is now closed]

I had to scope out Chocopologie for a piece I was writing for Jazeera magazine and decided I might as well make a meal out of it. Yasmin, of Red Panda Bakes fame (you can find her on Twitter here) was giving me company; perhaps the best person I could get, considering she’d been there before* and helped me not get lost!

It was a good call. The waiter there remembered her and was super-friendly, not to mention piling us with a few freebies.

We were given this cooler to try out; it had a decidely orange-y taste, with pomegranate seeds and mint as garnish on the top and was really good. Who needs soft drinks when you can turn to delicious juices?


I had a chicken crepe of some sort, along with the salad, and while it didn’t wow me very much, it was average enough.



The interiors are interesting. It’s all dark browns and blacks and reds, and has a definite Victorian, rich flavour to it.


We tried something else! I’ve no idea what this was because I attacked it as soon he put it down on the table. It was this spongey dessert, and I know this sounds insane, but I really liked the red plate!


But now, now… the pièce de résistance! The reason why everyone should go to Chocopologie! The reason why Yasmin and I looked mind-boggled!

I present to you… the chocolate fondue!

I must admit, I’d never had chocolate fondue before. Shocker, I know. This was nothing short of exciting. Whoever came up with the idea was a genius. I mean, imagine the first person who said to herself (I REFUSE to believe chocolate fondue is a male invention): “I know! Let’s throw every item of food we have into chocolate because THEN it WILL taste oh, so so good”. Then she did it and collapsed into a chocolate-induced orgasmic haze. Then she got up, while her legs trembled as she kept absorbing the chocolateyness and then did it all over again. And again, and again, AND AGAIN!

Okay. Must stop. I’ll collapse myself.



There were strawberries, marshmallows, pound cake, bananas, and chocolate cake! Chocolate cake in chocolate? Inspired.

Fondue, especially chocolate fondue, sounds just so good. Anyone up for a fondue night? I can only imagine, like the Chinese hot pot, a chocolate fondue night will be ever so much more fun with more people, splashing into chocolate. Warning: there will be women, collapsing in chocolateyness.

*Read Yasmin’s post on Chocopologie here

Chocopologie can be found on the first floor of the Marina Pavilion in Dubai Festival City. The chocolate fondue plus the dipping items costs Dhs 60/-


5 thoughts on “A chocolate addict’s heaven: Chocopologie

  1. I almost RT’d you to say am up for that fondue night, but then i read your philosophy on food – I am as vegetarian as they get – no egg too 🙂 But good to read, i’ll get myself a Ferrero from the store downstairs!

  2. Devina Divecha July 25, 2011 — 12:36

    Hey Tanvi … what does chocolate fondue have to do with being veg 😛 Even veggies eat chocolate, don’t they?! 😀 I get along very well with vegetarians…as long as they don’t force me to eat the green stuff, I won’t force them to eat the meat! 🙂

  3. Yay!!!! Finally able to comment! Ahem..i knw u will rolling ur eyes now!!! loved the fondue!!! and the pics are fab as usual!

  4. Devina Divecha July 30, 2011 — 17:02

    Haha, yes! Glad to bring to to the technological side of things 😉 @dinamurali

  5. i am COMING TO DUBAI TOMORROW !! just so that i can visit this place !! 😀

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