Frenchified, n’est-ce pas?

If I indulged in a romance of sorts, I think I’d like it to be in France. Or at least have the man I’m having said romance with, whisper sweet nothings in my ear…in French. Alternatively, he could take me to a place where I can have French food and I might be slightly mollified (random stalkers who think this gives you an in to send me ridiculous messages in French…it’s not).

If there’s something I get excited with more than someone talking to me in French (only romantic nothings mind you; I don’t want you asking me where the toilet is in any language), it’s for dessert.

So when Pascal Tepper bakery opened just around the corner in Dubai Media City (here’s an ever-helpful map), I was hoping I’d get some thumpin’ good French nosh. D’accord? I’ve been there three times since. Once to write a story, once on a business lunch, and once for pure pleasure.

The bread is fresh, and the poulet curry tartine is really good, with bechamel sauce and grated gruyère cheese.


But, oh! It’s the desserts you want. It’s them you want to sink your teeth into, swirl your tongue around, inhale that sexy smell of…dessert! The sugar rush you can only anticipate getting high on. You want that, don’t you? You’re thinking about it right now, aren’t you? Don’t deny it…can you smell the fresh bread already? The macarons? That cheesecake-y smell? Inhale my friends, for it’s about to hit you like a massive storm. Of sugar and dessert.

Et voilà… cheesecakes! They have a traditional New York cheesecake (which I haven’t tried) and a Creamy cheesecake, which I can say is, true to its word. And it looks amazing too.


The third time I went there, it was only to have dessert. That’s all there was to it. Nothing else. Pure indulgence. I’d love to, for instance, bathe in cheesecake, that’s how much I love it. But this time, I went further afield. Not cheesecake but something else… My companion for the night (a sign that I’ve been watching far too much Doctor Who lately) was the enigmatic @movie_mafia who decided her sugar high that night would be because of the creamy cheesecake.

These are mini pont neufs, one for each of us (on the house I might add!). Neither I, nor her had had these before. So small, they looked so cute. I don’t want to eat such small, cute things. Don’t eat us, the mini neufs screamed! We’re sooo small, so tiny, so… *chomp* Yeah, sorry mini pont neufs. You looked good enough to eat. Literally. Surprise: it’s got a crunchy top! There seemed to be chocolate mousse and ganache in layers in the middle, with a nice crunchy top, which just adds that little bit extra zing to it. *chomp chomp* Traditionally (oh Google, I love you so…no wait, let’s try that again: Oh Google, je t’adore!), Pont Neuf (it means ‘new bridge’) refers to the oldest standing bridge in France and it seems the aim of making these cakes is, when its cut, to have the layers looking like the bridge. Interesting facts, non?


And then, something brand new! The mille-feuille, or the thousand leaf cake…or the Napolean (so says Wikipedia anyway). The very helpful staff at the bakery said the pastry is supposed to be made up of a thousand layers. A thousand layers? Of pastry? Heck, you’d have to fight me to get something that’s made of a thousand layers of awesome, yummy-looking, delectable … stuff. *fights off imaginary competition to get her chubby fingers on the thousand layers of pure sugaryness*

I decided that I wanted French dessert. I was definitely going to have some French dessert. According to its post on the website-all-students-love-to-use-when-they-haven’t-done-their-homework, a mille-feuille consists of three layers of puff pastry alternating with two layers of pastry cream, with the top having a sprinkling of icing or fondant. Sprinkle away baby, I want it for my sugar rush.

What would the pastry with a thousand layers be like? Gingerly, I cut, poked, speared and then…slowly dropped a square in my mouth. Crunchy puff squidged with the custardy cream decided to explode in my mouth, hitting all my taste buds at a 360-degree angle. Nom nom nom nom nom. Nom nom. What? Oh, right, keep writing, not nomming.



I might add though, @movie_mafia was far more delicate and dainty than I was. I see her as the princess at the table, and me the ravenous beast. *starts singing Beauty and the Beast theme song*

What I’m saying is this (apart from singing): try out Pascal Tepper bakery, it’s got that dessert thing going on. One you’d want to have a love affair with.


4 thoughts on “Frenchified, n’est-ce pas?

  1. Definitely gonna try that cheesecake once I’m back in Dubai. By the way, the millefeuille dough is only folded six times to get this effect. It has something to do with the butter and COLD shortening in it that makes it puff up so beautifully!Lovely pictures!

  2. spontaneous euphoria August 19, 2011 — 16:51

    love it!! amazing write up! and gorgeous photographs

  3. @zmehnaz Thanks for the info 🙂 Desserts are definitely better than the main courses, I think.

  4. @spontiphoria (love that name btw) … thanks!

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