Ping Pong Dim Sum

“I want to eat Chinese food; there’s a restaurant in Dubai Mall I want to go to.”

I asked which one, but I was left in the dark. That was how I found myself at Ping Pong Dim Sum one Friday afternoon.


We were greeted at the entrance by a friendly member of staff who seated us in a few minutes. An all-black interior, it was a bustling ambience and was quite busy.

The menu was pretty cool – a long sheet of paper with the entire list of dishes on offer with an empty box next to each. All we had to do was pick what we wanted and they’d get it for us.


I had a virgin margarita, and my friend Shruti (who also took most of today’s pictures with my handy lil’ point-and-shoot) had a lychee and rose drink.


What I really liked about the service was that all the food items we ordered (barring the dessert) arrived at the same time, piping hot.

There was a combination of sour and spicy sauces to accompany the food.


A starter of mixed veg spring rolls.


Something on the menu caught my eye: “Steamed Fluffy With Bun”.

Steamed fluffy with bun? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, my brain screamed. It sounded so … fluffylicious. Then it arrived, in a big box.

Tada! We ordered the Chicken Char Sui Bun, and I really liked the taste of the chicken in the true-to-its-word fluffy bun. Dipped in the spicy sauce, that thing knocked my taste buds out! I liked this one.


Dumplings! We ordered the Spicy Chicken dumpling, and the Chicken Shu Mai dumpling. I liked both, although for some reason it was easier for me to chopstick the chicken shu mai. I ended up tearing the spicy one up! I liked both, but I recommend dipping the shu mai into the spicy sauce if you like that sort of thing. Good stuff.

Spicy Chicken:

Chicken Shu Mai:


That would be me showing off my newly-found chopstick skills (muchos gracias to a mysterious man named Taka who showed up at Chinese Hot Pot night, who took my under a chopstick wing and has now made me click and clack the wooden sticks with aplomb):


We were still hungry. So we ordered the mix puff selection, which included hoi sin veg, chicken and duck. First time I’ve ever had duck; it was an anti-climax moment when I chomped, and chomped, and said: “It tastes like chicken.”


She got thirsty again. This time lychee, coconut and lime juice was her choice. I liked this one, but she said she preferred the one she had first (which I did not taste).


No meal is complete without dessert, don’t you think? We went for the mango pudding, and the chocolate and banana spring rolls.

The mango pudding melted in the mouth, but I would’ve liked a stronger kick of mango to assail my taste buds.


The spring rolls…wow! It came with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, and when I bit into one end, I could just taste banana and thought, when does the choco—-, bit into it again and HOT chocolate and banana mixed and squished together jumped into my mouth. It was pretty good. I love trying desserts or food that I don’t normally get and this one was a good end.


It was a pretty enjoyable lunch; the bill for two of us came to Dhs 199/-, which I was fine with, although I would’ve preferred larger portions in relation to the prices. I’d definitely have the dumplings and the fluffy buns again. As well as the choco-banana spring rolls, which I think are just different.

A decent place to try out!


8 thoughts on “Ping Pong Dim Sum

  1. Ive been dying to go there! I never went when I lived in DC, so I was super excited to find out that its here in Dubai too, great pics — glad you liked it.

  2. I love Ping Pong, and FooDiva has rated it pretty highly too! The chicken Char Sui bun is my fave, it’s that bloomer style bready bun. The duck spring rolls are excellent too – for your next visit 🙂

  3. Derrick Pereira November 4, 2011 — 17:09

    Have to say I wasn’t too impressed with Ping Pong… been there twice so far left disappointed both times. The drink and dessert options are nice, but the dim sums were kinda bland when I had them. I really wanted to like this place, nice decor, service was good but the meal just didn’t measure up.

  4. Thanks for commenting @derrickpereira! I preferred the char sui bun over the dumplings, but I did like the accompanying sauces to add that extra taste to the dumplings because I didn’t think it packed enough of a punch without them.

  5. I love Ping Pong – it’s practically a Friday or Saturday morning / afternoon ritual for me. First I go to Kinokuniya and stock up on books, then I sit there and gobble up dim sum while reading my book! 🙂

  6. Sarah – have NO idea why I ignored your comment for so long. Apologies! If you see this, let me know if you’ve gone to the restaurant since. Would love to know!

  7. Smruti aka kooksfood, haha that sounds like a brilliant way to spend the weekend 🙂

  8. @FoodivaWorld Yup craving it again now. Will go back soon. Definitely going to have the chicken char-sui bun again.

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