Meeting Chef Pascal Tepper

I’ve already blogged about Pascal Tepper Bakery in Dubai Media City before [click here to read my previous post], so when I was asked if I’d like to meet the man behind the brand, I said yes.

I already knew Chef Tepper was the recipient of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France [which the ever-so-helpful Wikipedia has an entry on, right here], so the thought of quizzing him on all things French and bakery was pretty tempting.

Chef Tepper was also visiting Dubai because the bakery, which has been open since April 2011, is now rolling out a slightly modified version of its existing menu.
We met Chef Tepper and Siegfried Nierhaus, managing director, Atlas Hospitality, at the bakery in the evening and settled down for a quick chat. Nierhaus was, very obligingly, our translator for the night. Even though I understood some of the things Chef Tepper said in French, I was glad we had a translation to fall back on! I couldn’t trust my rusty French skills to save me on this one!

Things I learned during this chat:

  • 70% of Pascal Tepper Bakery’s clients are female.
  • Chef Tepper was given his medal by then-President Jacques Chirac (which he sportingly wore for us when we asked, for the photographs).
  • Out of 700,000 people working in the bakery business, only 55 have the Meilleur Ouvrier de France award.
  • One of the most popular items in the Dubai franchise outlet is the very French dish, Croque Monsieur.
  • Chef Tepper is from Lille, France.
  • Some of his favourite items to make include the Opera, macarons, croissant, apple tarts and baguettes.

He was extremely patient with our questions, and when Yasmin and Sidiqa asked him for tips on making macarons, he launched into a detailed explanation on what he does, and answered whatever questions they had. How’s that for friendly?

And kudos to the staff: I’ve been here so many times, I ordered a Colibri off the menu without realizing the new menu didn’t have my favourite drink anymore! But they brought me a Colibri anyway:


After we were done grilling him, he handed each of us his card, and asked for ours…And waited patiently while we dug ours out from the recesses of our bags.

After that, we decided to be cheeky and ask if we could have a quick kitchen tour.

Net hairbuns later…


…we were in!

It was pretty interesting to have a behind-the-scenes look at the bakery, and my foodie friends do bake and cook, so they were enthralled. Check out Mishti‘s expression in the photos – that was when she saw some sort of power drill or something for cooking.




I have no idea. I’m clearly more on the eating side of things than the cooking!


Inside the kitchen


Yasmin, excited near the oven

Fresh bread in the kitchen


When we finally finished poking our noses in the kitchen (which I believe my more knowledgeable friends said was interesting, as with such a simple kitchen, the bakery is able to produce a myriad of products), we settled down for some food.

Some fresh croissants:



A beef steak sandwich, a few tartines, french onion soup, a poulet curry tartine and a classique croque monsieur (mine). I’ve tasted the tartine before, so I know it’s good. I’ve never had croque monsieur and it was a good introduction to the dish.

But again, I stress, Pascal Tepper Bakery’s best items are its desserts. Which we’ve put our seal of approval on. Again.


Picking the desserts

We’ve got the millefeuille (which I had the last time I was here), the chocolate coffee eclair, this crunchy chocolate thing (which I didn’t get the name of…anyone?) and…


…the best of the night: the white chocolate cheesecake. I have a standard of cheesecake I hold all cheesecakes to, and this one was pretty darn good. Very, very impressed.


Random afterthought…I’ve always liked the layout of the store, and dragged Yasmin over to have a look at their baking books:

Other random pics from the night:


A lovely night…Merci beaucoup to the bloggers from Red Panda Bakes, Spontaneous Euphoria, Stovetop Dancing, Eaternal Zest and FooDiva for showing up!



4 thoughts on “Meeting Chef Pascal Tepper

  1. I Live in a Frying Pan September 21, 2011 — 03:32

    Wish I’d been around for this one, but had just got back from India 😦 This post has totally convinced me that I’m a fool for not having visited Pascal Tepper yet! Added on my list of must-trys…

  2. I would go back again and again for that cheesecake.

  3. Stunning pictures! That’s a bad bad cheesecake! ME love! Nice work, Dee. Yasmin, you look cute! 🙂

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