Celebrating 1 year with the UAE food bloggers

It’s been a year since food bloggers based in the UAE formed a coherent and cohesive group. A lot has changed in one year. We started off as less than 10. We’re now boasting a group of more than 60 food bloggers (yes, all in the UAE). I didn’t know anyone’s faces very well last year. I now greet them as old friends. FooDee didn’t exist last year, even though I was food blogging. Now I have my own identity here. I was in a great place personally last year. I’m in a great place professionally this year.


FiA cupcakes by Yasmin Mebar

The one thing that has remained constant though, has been the support system in the group. I may get along with some better than others, but there’s always the group. It’s not one person that makes the group, it’s not one or a few that keeps us together… it’s all of us. I can count on all of them to rise up to my side if I need them to.


Gluten-free hazelnut, banana and date muffins with labaneh and cinnamon icing by The Hedonista

You’d think…60+ food bloggers…that’s a lot for one place. Don’t we trample on each other’s toes? No. Everyone – and I cannot stress this enough – has their own personality which shines through their blog and the way they write. Some are personal, some are casual, some are detached, some are very expressive and some write in more than one language. Either way, we get a veritable hot pot of cultures, nationalities, personalities, writing and more. Any way you look at it, we’re treated to culinary treasures we may not have found by staying in our comfort zone. I certainly would never have learned how to use chopsticks.


On September 23, 2011, those of us who could, gathered together at Tea Junction, each of us bearing cake, to celebrate a year of this melting pot.

I’d like to think I was doing such a great job of taking photographs and staying behind-the-scenes, that no one noticed I didn’t get to speak to the group like everyone else did at the beginning of the party and introduce the cakes I bought. To make up for that oversight, I’ve written so much here instead of getting to the point. Now you know what you should’ve done (remembered me!) to make me cut down on the flowery text here.

Anyway…I didn’t want to simply throw pics out there – I always do that. I spoke to as many bloggers as I could, and jammed it all together (like a hot pot) for your viewing pleasure. Have 15 minutes?

Tweets from the day:

View “Famished in Arabia birthday party” on Storify

Other blogposts covering the event:

If you’re a UAE food blogger and want to know more about how to join this madcap, fun and foodeelicious group, click here. Also, all the pics used in the video can be found here.


8 thoughts on “Celebrating 1 year with the UAE food bloggers

  1. abigail - myNappytales October 2, 2011 — 03:33

    Love it! the post and video just sums up why I’m so blessed to be part of FIA.

  2. Lovely post!!! So honoured to have met everybody.. Hugs to the HUGE and ever growing FIA family.. Dee.. Such a fab idea.. kudos to u for all the effort!!!

  3. i had no idea i spoke this fast, and that my accent was so “frenchy” :)Thank you for the time and love you put into the video, i am honored to be part of it! i only wish i wasnt camera shy …so i could have had a lovely profile pic :)Thumbs up Dee ! FIA rocks!

  4. Devina Divecha October 2, 2011 — 17:16

    Thanks @mynappytales 😀 Your purple cake was mind blowing!

  5. Devina Divecha October 2, 2011 — 17:17

    *hugs* @dinamurali … it’s easy when I have cool people telling me inspirational things. Pack ’em all together and this is what you get!

  6. Devina Divecha October 2, 2011 — 17:18

    @radotouille … whatcha talking about? I love your accent! I’ll stalk you a bit more next time for some more pics, okay? 🙂

  7. I Live in a Frying Pan October 3, 2011 — 04:10

    I’m so touched. I have this big fat lump in my throat every time I listen to the video. It’s like someone suddenly cracked open something, and out emerged this little strand of a thought, reinforced by so many members, that this group has and continues to mean so much to each of them. Thank you for doing this for all of us who attended that day Dee. Thank you.

  8. Devina Divecha October 3, 2011 — 06:30

    Thank you Arva (@inafryingpan)… I’m glad you liked it. As you’re one of the co-founders of the group, I was hoping it would be a good birthday present! I’m glad with the video I could contribute with giving the group a more coherent voice. I’m hoping if any other food bloggers in the UAE see this, they’d be convinced to join…and if other bloggers in other countries see it, they’d be inspired to create a group of their own.

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