Hallowe’en in Dubai

My first Hallowe’en in the UK, I had these amazingly decorated cupcakes with a good friend of mine while we were exploring Fright Night, a city-wide event Sheffield would put on at Hallowe’en.

I thought I’d never see such brilliantly done cupcakes before.

And then…these:


Hoo boy, did Yasmin (also known as Red Panda) blow my mind away with her preparations this Hallowe’en!!!

Check out some food pics from her party:



I was one of the fortunate few invited to her house for a night of chills, thrills and super-duper fun. Yasmin, your work for this party was mind blowing, and I don’t say that lightly. I thank my stars I am friends with such a lovely person, who happens to be such a fantastic baker. Thank you, for a Hallowe’en that I enjoyed through and through.

Read Yasmin’s post about her preparations for the night here. She’s an excellent baker and if you want to see her treats at the upcoming BakeFest in Dubai, check out this link and vote for her 🙂


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